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2016 Micro Rules

2016 600 cc Outlaw Micro Rules


Highland, IL

All Drivers must be at least 12 years of age.  All Drivers under the age of 18 must have a release form signed by both parents on file before being allowed to compete.

All four cylinder motors will have a maximum displacement of 640cc.  Motors manufactured or altered with more than 640cc will be illegal.  No nitrous, turbo or superchargers permitted.  All cars must have a noise eliminating exhaust.  CC casting number must visible on engine to verify size.

Weight:  All cars will weigh a minimum of 750 pounds; including water, oil, fuel and the driver.  Cars may be weighed prior to and/or following any event.  Cars weighed at the completion of an event may not add fuel or ballast to satisfy the minimum weight requirement.

Tires any compound will be allowed.

The altering of any tire compound, by any means will not be permitted.  Chemical alteration of the tread carcass and/or tread compound, such as tire ‘soaking’ and/or the introduction of tread ‘softener’ and/or physical defacement (removal, altering and/or covering) of tire sidewall markings in any manner will not be permitted. If any competitor is found to have altered their tires any penalty deemed appropriate by Officials may be issued.

Any tire may be inspected and/or analyzed for alteration at any time. This will consist of a process as determined by the independent laboratory that performs the analysis.  The analysis process will require a sample shipment of the tire to the selected laboratory.

Additional race event(s) may be completed before a determination is made. If a penalty is issued, the event(s) that fell into the analysis time period while the tire(s) were being analyzed will be considered as part of the penalty time period.

Monies won in an event may be held until the final determination is made by the independent laboratory.

All cars must have a metal firewall between Driver and engine compartment.  Minimum 24 gauge or .0625 thickness aluminum.

Chain guards will be installed on all cars using a minimum of .090 aluminum material or equivalent.

On and off switches must be on the dash.

Roll cages shall be at least 1 1/8 inch .065 wall thickness or 1 1/4 inch .065 wall thickness.

Roll cages must have sufficient fore and aft bracing.

All cages shall be made of chromoly steel or equivalent.

All cars must be equipped with nerf bars and not exceed beyond the rear tires.

All cars must have bumpers extending beyond the front and rear tires.

Cars must have floor pans extending form the Driver’s feet to the front of the seat.

All wet cell batteries mounted in the cockpit area must be covered and vented outside the cockpit area.

All cars will have top wings at least 10 square feet, and a maximum of 16 square feet.

All cars will have fuel cell bladders.

Alcohol or racing fuel may be used.  NO ADDITIVES ALLOWED.  This only applies to performance enhancers, is not meant to exclude top end lubricants.  Random fuel checks may be conducted at the conclusion of any event.  The following placements can be expected to be tested:  top 3 placements in the A main.

No traction control devices of any type will be allowed.

The following safety items are strongly recommended:

IMPORTANT: Five point, three inch approved safety harness mandatory and must be 5 yrs or newer with date tag visible. Name brand flame retardant uniform, racing style shoes, arm restraints, flame retardant gloves, and neck brace or helmet restraint (cage net recommended).

Rough Driving:  1st Offense – Driver will go to tail

2nd Offense – Driver will be disqualified, receive no points and no pay

Slide Jobs:  Must clear the driver that you are attempting to pass!

Retaliation: During a yellow or after the event, you will be disqualified, receive no points and no pay!

Radios will be required for the 600cc Outlaw Micros.  The use of in-car radio transmitting devices is prohibited.

1. Only one-way communication from POWRi Race Control will be allowed and is mandatory.

Channel #1 Frequency 464.5500


2. The use of electronic logic processor to control any function of the race car and/or system for gathering continuous data from any functions of the race is strictly prohibited.  (Note:  This rule does not include electronic ignition and/or electronic tachometers).


All rules may be changed or added to at any time!

–  Highland Speedway will not tolerate fighting (see fighting policy on the last page of these rules).  Anyone (driver, pit crew, owner, etc.) who leaves the car’s pit area and enters another driver’s pit area will be asked to load the car and leave the premises!

–  It is the responsibility of all participants to know the rules.

–  Situations not covered in any of these rules will be handled at the discretion of the track promoter as they arise.

   Decisions of the track officials are FINAL!!!

  Any violation of these rules are considered cheating and upon the first offense, all Highland Speedway points earned through the date of the offence will be stripped from the driver; the driver will start with zero points the following week.







First offense – The first time a person starts a fight, they would be banned from Fairgrounds one year from date of occurrence.

Second offense – The second time a person starts a fight, they would be banned from Fairgrounds for three years from date of this occurrence.

Third offense – The third time a person starts a fight they would be banned from Fairgrounds for life.

NOTE:  Anyone returning to the Fairgrounds during the time they are banned will be charged with criminal trespassing. Fairgrounds consist of the pits, the grandstand, the parking lot and the entire Lindendale Park. 

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