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Leaps of Love looking for drivers

On Saturday, 8/1/15, Leaps of Love will be having our annual LOL Night At The Races!  One of the favorite things for the families is the driver ‘meet & greet’!!  Last year we had each driver send me a picture of something unique to their car for a Race Car Scavenger Hunt.  This was a big hit and therefore, I will be doing it again.  This year, I would like to connect each family with a driver for even more excitement at the track.  The unexperienced fans will have a specific driver to cheer on as well as the driver having their very on LOL fan club!
If you are interested in being part of the LOL ‘meet & greet’ from 2-3pm on 8/1/15, please contact Traci at one of the following:  618.410.7212, Leaps of Love Facebook page or traci@leapsoflove.org
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