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Rules Update for BMods and Street Stocks

The rules committee has a few rule adjustments for the BMod and Street Stock class.

BMod tire rules:
Originally we were not going to allow the new style tire but to better align ourselves with area tracks effective 4-8-17 these are the new tire rules.

A40 & a40s siping allowed
H40 & m60 as a rr option siping allowed
M30 no grooving or siping

Effective July 1 no grooving

Attn Street Stocks:

The cockpit area needs to be open. This is a safety concern that presented itself recently. This needs to be done by 4-15

Please make sure there is a driveshaft loop in your car.

Also please have a tow chain on the front and rear of your car to make it easier for the tow truck driver and help speed up the program.


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