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2017 News Articles

June 10th BMod Special night

Classes for Saturday, June 10th, will be Bmods, Street Stocks, Micros, and Gateway Vintage Cars. This will be a Highland Speedway points night. Grandstand price will be $10. Pit passes are $30. There will be group qualifying for Bmods and a 25 lap Feature. Special payout for BMods will be: 1st       $600 2nd      $400 3rd       $320 4th       $240 5th       ...

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Arrangements for Nicci Egbert

Arrangements for our dear friend Nicci Egbert are as follows: Thursday visitation from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm at Spengel Boulanger Funeral Home in Highland. 6:00 pm Memorial Service 7:00 pm luncheon at Expo building on Madison County fairgrounds Funeral service at 10:00am Friday at Keystone Cemetary in St. Jacob. All above are open to her family and friends. Everyone ...

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Equity 55 Night at the Highland Speedway

It was Equity 55 Night at the Highland Speedway and the weatherman provided us with a Chamber of Commerce night of excellent weather. The track crew laid down a near perfect race track and the drivers, well the drivers once again put on a phenomenal show. The BWet/BDry Late Models were the first class to attack the Highland Speedway 1/4 ...

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Photos from Equity 55 Night

Photos from Equity 55 Night:   http://www.photographybysfm.com/415bm http://www.photographybysfm.com/415um http://www.photographybysfm.com/415ss http://www.photographybysfm.com/415lm http://www.photographybysfm.com/415wf http://www.photographybysfm.com/415ea

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Photos from Oberbeck Grain Night


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4-1-2017 Highland Speedway Photographer Photos

https://www.photographybysfm.com/4-1-latemods https://www.photographybysfm.com/4-1-streetstock https://www.photographybysfm.com/4-1-umb https://www.photographybysfm.com/4-1-bmods https://www.photographybysfm.com/pitrow https://www.photographybysfm.com/openceremony    

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