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Martin, Harrison, Eilers, Koch, Suhre and the Kids all winners at Highland 


(August 28, 2010) HIGHLAND IL - Highland Speedway known for its family tradition continued one of them this past Saturday night. While the racing was the featured attraction, the kids took center stage. More than 100 young fans took part in another big JR Fan Club giveaway in which everyone in attendance received a prize and everyone had a chance to participate in a nickel race on the front straight away. Besides picking up nickels, specialty marked coins were in the mix. Those coins were good for a new bicycle. Once intermission was over, the racing resumed on the Speedway.


The UMP Late Models were the first to take the evenings events green flag. Fast” Frankie Martin from DuQuoin IL lived up to his nickname as he started from the pole and led all 25 laps of the UMP Super Late Model event. “The Salty Dog” Rick Salter form Albers Il, started second row out side and maneuvered around the cars of Brian Wolfmeier and Paul Bailey to claim the runner up spot. Wolfmeier and Bailey finished third and fourth respectively and Highland’s points leader “The Highland Bulldog” Chad Zobrist, finished fifth coming form an eighth place starting position.Frankie Martin Late Models Winner


Mike Harrison made it three wins in three days as the driver of the 24H began the weekend with a win on Thursday night at a special event held in Mt.Vernon IL and a weekly show win on Friday at Brownstown IL. The win Saturday at Highland in the UMP Steve Schmitt Modifieds wasn’t a runaway has Brian Bielong in the #73 started from the outside fourth row (eighth) and made his presence known. The first part of the twenty lap feature went caution free. Harrison was well into the lead and was moving around lap traffic. A caution bunched the field and gave Bielong a chance to see the leader as he was now in the fourth position. While the first caution was good for the 73 of Bielong the next caution slowed his momentum. A caution with four laps to go had Harrison on point followed by Bielong, and Marty Smith JR right behind. Harrison proved to be a bit too strong as he held onto the lead and captured his 10th feature win at Highland this season. Bielong was second followed by Smith Jr, Chris Smith, and Brett “The Kid” Korvis”, third, fourth and fifth respectively.Mike Harrison Modified Winner


Russell Eilers found his way back into victory lane at Highland Saturday night with a win in the Sportsmen division. The finishing order was changed as a post race inspection found several cars illegal. The official finishing order was Russell Eilers, Allan Geiseking, Aaron Melton, Rob Lee and Rick Johnson.


Tim Koch became a first time winner in the UMP Street Stock class. With a crash fest going on behind him, the driver of the 52 stayed up front and held on for the win. Shaun Hortsmann, Brad Venhaus, Jeff Buss and Michael Ripperda, Jr completed the top five.


Justin Suhre débuted a new car and promptly drove it into victory lane in the UMP Factory Stocks he was followed by Jordan Suhre, Willy Myers, Bobby Funderburk, and Casey Burns.

The make up feature from the previous week in the Factory stock saw Willy Myers take home his first trophy in his racing career. He was followed to the finish line by Trevor Isaak, Jordan Suhre, Bobby Funderburk and Brent Weaver.



In a special exabition race put on by the Gateway Vintage Race cars, Butch Graham in a 57 Chevy finished ahead of a full field of nostalgic racers.


Highland Notes: Saturday September 4th is Championship night for all classes at the Speedway.










Race Results for 8/28/2010



UMP Late Model - Feature

Finish Car No Driver

1 25 Frankie Martin

2 1S Rick Salter

3 441 Brian Wolfmeier

4 81 Paul Bailey

5 78 Chad Zobrist

6 9 Aaron Kleine

7 18 Bobby Dauderman

8 27 Mike Schulte

9 10C DJ Cygan

10 31 Brent Helmkamp

11 11X Brandon Hogenson

12 5 Michael Jacober

13 20 John Cory

14 85 Justin Ketrow

15 33 Shannon Kuhn

16 44 Lonnie Casey

17 4 Jason Suhre


UMP Steve Schmitt Modified - Feature

Finish Car No Driver

1 24H Mike Harrison

2 73 Brian Bielong

3 55 Marty Smith, Jr

4 155 Chris Smith

5 25 Brett Korves

6 E55 Chad Sellers

7 24J Steve Lach

8 68 Andy Oswald

9 75 Eric Faust

10 00 Steven Ellison

11 00S Cody Stilwell

12 3R Jeremy Thoele

13 56 Ron Hartnagel

14 53 Dave Smith

15 71 Lynn Tidwell

16 T Tim Fohne

17 241D Dean Hoffman

18 21 Khris Fohne

19 84 Tyler Deibert

20 153 Joe Hauck

21 316 Stephen Plog

22 56M Dave McDougal

23 51 Chris Geisen

24 27E Kyle Mixon DNS


UMP Sportsman - Feature

Finish Car No Driver

1 8E Russell Eilers

2 6 Allan Geiseking

3 441 Aaron Melton

4 88 Rob Lee

5 92J Rick Johnson

6 3 Ryan Eilers

7 96 Matt Koch

8 1G Len Garson

9 18 Jimmy Miller

10 88S Scott Drew

11 56B Jim Lafferty, Jr

12 C16 Cory Brown

13 196 Jon Ripperda DQ

14 9 Nathan Schmitt DQ



UMP Street Stock - Feature

Finish Car No Driver

1 52 Tim Koch

2 54 Shaun Hortsmann

3 55V Brad Venhaus

4 101 Jeff Buss

5 15 Michael Ripperda, Jr

6 8T T J Eilers

7 6A Amber Casey

8 14 Tommy Gaither

9 64 Brian Crawford

10 29 Stephen Fohne

11 11 Casey Schaefer

12 4 Larry Smith, Jr

13 88 Kenny Landolt

14 36 Eric Harris

15 52J Cody Johnson

16 83G Kevin Goodbrake

17 07 William Stonecipher

18 94 Dustin Clary

19 53R Matthew Rose

20 53 Justin Leichsenring

21 1Z Zach Hoffman

22 84 Michael Leichsenring DNS


UMP Factory Stock - Feature

Finish Car No Driver

1 24 Justin Suhre

2 26 Jordan Suhre

3 21M Willy Myers

4 97 Bobby Funderburk

5 21 Casey Burns

6 89 Justin Shaw

7 17R Jacob Rexing

8 6S Nathan Schmidt

9 R6 Dave Racer

10 9X Trevor Isaak

11 95 Dayton Racer

12 29H Cale Hartnagel

13 91 Shaun Hortsmann

14 9T Travis Horner

15 121V Rick Viviano

16 86 Christian Lee

17 441 Cody Ventimiglia

18 81LE Lacey Egbert

19 28J Justin Hall

20 17W Brent Weaver DQ

21 6 Austin Isaak DNS

22 21D Brent Davis DNS


Race Results for 8/21/2010

Make-up Feature


UMP Factory Stock - Feature

Finish Car No Driver

1 21M Willy Myers

2 9X Trevor Isaak

3 26 Jordan Suhre

4 97 Bobby Funderburk

5 17W Brent Weaver

6 17R Jacob Rexing

7 89 Justin Shaw

8 4 Justin Suhre

9 29H Cale Hartnagel

10 9T Travis Horner

11 86 Christian Lee

12 28 Roy Simmons

13 441 Cody Ventimiglia

14 6 Austin Isaak

15 6S Shea Gagne

16 00 Ryan Emig DNS

17 22 Eddie Sterns DNS


Vintage Cars - Feature

Finish Car No Driver

1 57 Butch Graham

2 99M Jeff Masson

3 T5 Dave White, Sr

4 35 Rich Wolfmeier

5 1G George McClintock

6 56 Carrie Haverstick

7 61 Dustin McClintock

8 92 Joe Hauck

9 2E Stu McClintock

10 0 0 Cliff Hensley

11 5 Tim Eaves

12 8 ball Dale Haverstick

13 59K Bryan Kraemer

14 33 Cheryl Wolfmeier

15 8 Mark Rost

16 70 Marc McClintock

17 57X Glenn Kane

18 66 Dean Adams, Jr

19 17 Jim Hunter

20 99S Rich Steyh DNS

Track Guidelines

Highland Speedway reserves the right to refuse admittance to anyone.

Drivers must be 14 years of age to race at the Highland Speedway. Drivers 14 and under must have permission from the track to race in the DIRTcar UMP Late Model, DIRTcar UMP Modified,  DIRTcar UMP SportMod division and DIRTcar UMP Street Stock division.

Minor drivers must have BOTH parents or legal guardians sign a minor release form for the driver to enter the race track. Minor drivers will sign the minor form each week during sign in at the pit shack. 

Each driver must enter their car to race every night. Every car that races must have a pit pass for the driver.