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Zobrist, Bielong, R. Lee, Hewitt, & C. Lee,

Repeat Winners at Highland

Bauer Scores First Win


HIGHLAND IL (May 19, 2012) It was Armed Forces Night sponsored by Scott Credit Union, this week any active Military personal received free admission to the Speedway and they were treated to one fantastic night of racing.

Becker Jewelers Late Models    

    The Becker Jewelers Late Models last week went Green to Checker in their night cap, this week it was 17 laps in before the caution flew but we’re getting ahead of our story.

   Pole sitter and Dash Winner Mike Schulte, driving the 27S, choose to start on the outside of the front row to lead the field to the green on the 25 lap main event. Last week’s winner, last year’s point Champion AND current Highland Speedway point’s leader Chad Zobrist sat inside on the front row. Dan Jacober in the 22 and Michael Kloos made up row two and “Fast” Frankie Martin and young upstart Adam Tishhauser in the 4T were the last of the first six that made the transfer from the Dash.

Schulte took the point on the high side at the drop of the green flag. Several times during the first 5 laps it went three wide as Schulte, Zobrist and Kloos battled for the lead finally at lap 7 Zobrist made the move and took the lead for the next several laps it was Zobrist and Schulte running the high line around The Highland Speedways ¼ mile oval, while Kloos and Martin were making the bottom work for them. By lap 13 it was clearly evident that the race was shaping up to be a battle between Zobrist and Kloos although Zobrist in his 78 machine developed a commanding lead over the 6K of Kloos. The leaders were setting a fast pace and the balance of the field were keeping up while be it at a distance it wasn’t until lap 16 that the leaders encountered lap traffic and at lap 17 the caution flew for the first time. This bunched the field together and the substantial lead that Zobrist had over the field was gone. The restart placed the lapped car of Louie Baker between Kloos and Zobrist, it didn’t take Kloos long to dispense the 71 of Baker and the pursuit began to go after a very quick Zobrist. On lap 20 a four car spin brought out the caution once again.

     On the restart with no lapped cars between, Kloos lined up behind the 78 of Zobrist, but again at the drop of the green, Zobrist jumped out to a several car advantage and all Kloos could do was follow the “Highland Bulldog” to the double checkers.

     For the second week in a row Zobrist made the trip to the Casey’s General Store’s Victory Lane. Following Zobrist to the finish were Kloos, Martin, Schulte and Jacober.

Top Ten Becker Jewelers Late Models

1 Chad Zobrist

2 Michael Kloos

3 Frankie Martin

4 Mike Schulte

5 Dan Jacober

6 Rick Salter

7 Brent Helmkamp

8 Jason Zobrist

9 Shannon Kuhn

10 Steven Unterbrink

Steve Schmitt Modifieds

     Former Factory Stock champion Brad Venhaus is making the adjustment to the Steve Schmitt Modifieds in fine fashion as he ran second in the heat and on the pill draw for the dash sat on the front row, the upfront start gave the 55 the advantage and he took home his first dash in a Modified.

     Venhaus choose to start on the outside of the front row putting the 70 of Brian Bielong on the inside. Row two was last week’s winner Mike Harrison in the 24H, and Justin Ketrow driving the number 6. Brett “The Kid” Korvis in the 25, and Tyler Diebert in the 84 made up row three.

 After a complete restart due to a spin back in the field, Bielong took control of the race coming out of turn two and lead the field for the first of 17 laps.

   Bielong was working the high side and for the first four laps Harrison worked the bottom but by lap five Harrison fell in behind the 70 of Bielong. Lap traffic came into play by lap seven and the two veteran Modified drivers were showing their driving skills maneuvering past the slower cars. Caution on lap 10 for a slowing Dane Gundecker in turn four set the restart, Bielong, Harrison, the lapped car of Stephan Plog, then the lead lap cars of Venhaus, Ketrow and Diebert. At first Harrison went low trying to find some much needed forward bite to overcome Bielong.

     On lap 13 Harrison climbed back to the top side trying to run down the 70, Harrison running close to the top had sparks flying as the rear bumper of the number 24H was making contact with the outside walls of the Speedway. With the 2 to go flag in the air Harrison made his move and went low and went past Bielong to lead lap 18. Bielong kicked in the afterburners and moved along side of Harrison on the white flag lap. Coming out of turn four the only thing between the two leaders was the 316 of Plog. The finish had the crowd on their feet as the two sandwiched Plog and Bielong had just enough momentum on the high side to pass them both and take the ride to the Casey’s General Stores Victory Lane. After a long hard fought battle Harrison had to settle for second, Diebert, Chris Smith and Korvis were your top five.

Steve Schmitt Modifieds Top Ten

1 Brian Bielong

2 Mike Harrison

3 Tyler Deibert

4 Chris Smith

5 Brett Korves

6 Aaron Kleine

7 Brad Venhaus

8 Jim Werner, Jr

9 Justin Ketrow

10 Jacob Steinkoenig

Miller Lite Pro Late Models

   Jordan Bauer driving his familiar 9 Star Pro late Model was the class of the field. At one point during the 20 lap main event he had over a straight away lead. On the white flag lap it almost was all for nothing as going into turn two, two lapped cars spun directly in front of him, excellent reflexes by the young driver from St. Jacob Il saved him from certain disaster.

   The resulting restart collected the field behind him, this Saturday night was the night for the 9 Star to shine as he again speed off and landed in the Casey’s General Stores Victory Lane for the first time in a Pro Late Model at Highland. Last week’s winner Rick “The Salty Dog” Salter, John Corey, Ray Emling, and Billy Knebel JR were the top five respectfully.

Miller Lite Pro Late Models Top Five

1 Jordan Bauer

2 Rick Salter

3 John Cory

4 Ray Emling

5 Billy Knebel, Jr

Sport Mods

Rob Lee driving the 88 of the Wonder Acres Racing team made it two weeks in a row in the Sport Mod Division, Marty Smith JR in his family’s number 55 made a valiant effort but came up short, Tyler Diebert, Jim Lafferty JR and Brett Page were the top Five.

Sport Mods Top Five

1 Rob Lee      

2 Marty Smith, Jr       

3 Tyler Deibert           

4 Jim Lafferty, Jr       

5 Brett Page

Factory Stocks

After a brake check conducted by the Highland Speedway Officials the Feature event got under way with a few less cars than what was scheduled. Jake Hewitt picked up his third checkered flag in the 2012 season and the resulting trip to the Casey’s General Stores Victory Lane.


Factory Stocks Top Five

1 Jake Hewitt 

2 Justin Leichsenring 

3 Shaun Hortsmann   

4 Cale Hartnagel        

5 Austin Isaak

Sport Compacts

Christian Lee made his second appearance to the Casey’s General Stores Victory Lane this season by capturing the win in the Sport Compact Division.


Sport Compacts Top Five

1 Christian Lee

2 Bobby Funderburk

3 Kenny Elliott

4 Chris Dicken

5 Tristan Wentler

Coming Events

May 26, Veterans Night sponsored by Miller Lite (Give a ways by the Miller Lite girls)

May 31, (Thursday) Mars vs UMP

June 2 - NEW EVENT - Figure 8 Race Plus other classes TBA

June 9- Hamel Coop Grain Co night (give a ways by Huddle House)

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Track Guidelines

Highland Speedway reserves the right to refuse admittance to anyone.

Drivers must be 14 years of age to race at the Highland Speedway. Drivers 14 and under must have permission from the track to race in the DIRTcar UMP Late Model, DIRTcar UMP Modified,  DIRTcar UMP SportMod division and DIRTcar UMP Street Stock division.

Minor drivers must have BOTH parents or legal guardians sign a minor release form for the driver to enter the race track. Minor drivers will sign the minor form each week during sign in at the pit shack. 

Each driver must enter their car to race every night. Every car that races must have a pit pass for the driver.