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HIGHLAND SPEEDWAY 2011 RULES MEETING December 26, 2011 (Highland IL) The 2011 rules meeting for the Highland Speedway was held December 19, 2010 at the Madison County Fair Exposition Hall. Track promoter Scott Kuhn opened the meeting and thanked all the racers that were in attendance for participating at the track and for attending this very important meeting. He repeated what was announce the previous Friday evening at the 2010 Championship Banquet that the UMP (United Midwest Promoters) Pro (Crate) Late Models would be added as a sixth class in 2011 and the starting time would be moved up by 30 minutes. He then introduced Bill Marquardt as the 2011 Race Director and Mike Zbinden ...

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Faust Out Runs Big Dogs in Highland Season Finale   The 2010 racing season at the Highland Speedway came to a close this past Saturday night with Mark Faust, a former UMP and Highland Champion winning his 7th feature of the year in the UMP Super Late Models. Faust led from the start of the 25 lap main event starting on the out side front row. Mike Schulte in the 27s held the pole position. The field was put into single file restart after a caution on lap 3. The 51 of Faust was the leader, followed by Schulte, the 1S of Rick “Salty Dog” Salter and the 28 of John Beck. The biggest mover ...

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Champions Crowned at Highland

Champions Crowned at Highland    (Sept 4, 2010) Highland IL – The 2010 Point season came to a close this past Saturday night at the Highland Speedway. Champions were crowned in all five divisions. All five champions were locked in before the night’s races began but that didn’t stop the action on the track from being fast and furious. The UMP Super Late Models were paced to the green flag by former Highland Champion Mark Faust. The number 51 sponsored by his family business Faust Automotive in Aviston IL took to the lead immediately. At lap 10 Faust held point over the “Trenton Tornado”, Michael Kloos, “Fast” Frankie Martin, Chad Zobrist and the 85 of ...

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Jr Fan Club Donations for 8-28-10

Donations for Jr Fan Club – August 28, 2010 Mike’s Tractor Supply       Tribout’s Carnival SupplyLach Motorsports             Frankie MartinDave Smith                     Cale HartnagelChad Sellers                     Eric FaustJohn Beck                       Chad StapletonDean Hoffman                  Ryan UnzickerDillion White                     Bob GeaschelAlan Geiseking                  Dave JacoberMike Ripperda                   Thornton RacingPaul Bailey                         Mark ChildersonMatt Koch                         Dwayne BatemanLeonard Rakers                   Eilers RacingBrandon Hogenson             Chad ZobristAndy Oswald                      Dave McDougalBruce Unterbrink                 Larry Smith, JrTravis Horner                      Bobby DaudermanCrossbones Motorsports       Sue ZobristLeigh Ann Crenshaw-Wells    Patti HaukapRobin Knebel                       Highland TruBuyHighland Ready Mix               Pizza HutSonic                                  Dairy QueenTaco Bell                             Highland Recycling Tri Ford                               Rural KingFamily Video                         Box TV Powhatan                            Schuster RepairG & S Freight Service             Excel Bottling CoSpies Sports                         Kuhn Promotions  

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Frankie Martin Late Models Winner


Martin, Harrison, Eilers, Koch, Suhre and the Kids all winners at Highland    (August 28, 2010) HIGHLAND IL – Highland Speedway known for its family tradition continued one of them this past Saturday night. While the racing was the featured attraction, the kids took center stage. More than 100 young fans took part in another big JR Fan Club giveaway in which everyone in attendance received a prize and everyone had a chance to participate in a nickel race on the front straight away. Besides picking up nickels, specialty marked coins were in the mix. Those coins were good for a new bicycle. Once intermission was over, the racing resumed on the Speedway.   The ...

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Sept 16, 2017 Lester Robertson Memorial Race Woodcrest Small Engine Street Stock Results

Feature Finish Car No Driver 1 71G Dustin McClintock 2 9X Trevor Isaak 3 36 Eric Harris 4 98 Gary Walker 5 68 Terry McCann 6 53 Kipp Schaefer 7 32F Todd Flauaus 8 31J Matt Tettaton 9 27 Gary Klaus 10 20 Sydnee Cory 11 18D Dyla Apken 12 14D Justin Bolin DNS 13 Heat 1 Car No Driver Finish 1 53 Kipp Schaefer 2 36 Eric Harris 3 9X Trevor Isaak 4 32F Todd Flauaus 5 31J Matt Tettaton 6 14D Justin Bolin Heat 2 Car No Driver Finish 1 98 Gary Walker 2 71G Dustin McClintock 3 68 Terry McCann 4 20 Sydnee Cory 5 27 Gary Klaus 6 18D Dylan Apken

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Sept 16, 2017 Lester Robertson Memorial Race Miller Lite BMod Results

Feature Finish Car No Driver 1 63 Bret Eilerman 2 29 Stephen Fohne 3 2F Nic Frey 4 29H Cale Hartnagel 5 52K Billy Knebel, Jr 6 17 Mike Jones 7 37 Everett Bradham 8 19S Nathan Schmitt 9 58R Ryan Hamilton 10 23T Ryan Timmons 11 5F Willy Myers 12 34 Shannon Kuhn 13 88S John Schrand 14 18 Jarrett Stryker 15 787 Cody Zobrist 16 1H Josh Heuiser 17 3 Ryan Eilers 18 88L Rob Lee 19 88W Steven Wolf 20 55 Marty Smith, Jr 21 56 Don Lamaccha 22 66 CJ Volluz Heat 1 Car No Driver Finish 1 88L Rob Lee 2 58R Ryan Hamilton 3 19S Nathan Schmitt 4 1H ...

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Sept 16, 2017 Lester Robertson Memorial Race Steve Schmitt Modified Results

Feature Finish Car No Driver 1 3E Robbie Eilers 2 E55 Chad Sellers 3 84 Tyler Deibert 4 70 Brian Bielong 5 5 Joe Dresch 6 37 Brian Wolfmeier 7 87Z Zeb Moake 8 95 Larry Anderson 9 94 Mark Clary 10 17W Jesse Wisely 11 40E Steve Ellison 12 24S Jacob Steinkoenig 13 3R TJ Frazier 14 88R James Eden 15 15 Chris Smith 16 6L Robert Lee 17 71 Rayce Baker 18 22 Lenny Garson 19 316 Dan Jacober 20 30 Charles Snow Heat 1 Finish Car No Driver 1 37 Brian Wolfmeier 2 3E Robbie Eilers 3 84 Tyler Deibert 4 70 Brian Bielong 5 17W Jesse Wisely 6 6L Robert Lee ...

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August 19, 2017 Joe Schmitt Championship Woodcrest Small Engine Street Stock Results

Feature Finish Car No Driver 1 71G Dustin McClintock 2 21M Willy Myers 3 36 Eric Harris 4 9X Trevor Isaak 5 81LE Lacey Egbert 6 69X Brent Weaver 7 53 Kipp Schaefer 8 32F Todd Flauaus 9 31J Austin Tettaton 10 27 Gary Klaus 11 20 Sydnee Cory 12 88C Brian Miller 13 16E Todd Eyman 14 18D Dylan Apken 15 1G Zach Gili 16 58 Adam Pate DNS Heat 1 Finish Car No Driver 1 32F Todd Flauaus 2 71G Dustin McClintock 3 1G Zach Gili 4 16E Todd Eyman 5 88C Brian Miller 6 20 Sydnee Cory 7 53 Kipp Schaefer 8 58 Adam Pate DNS Heat 2 Finish Car No Driver ...

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