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Jr Fan Club Donations for 8-28-10

Donations for Jr Fan Club – August 28, 2010 Mike’s Tractor Supply       Tribout’s Carnival SupplyLach Motorsports             Frankie MartinDave Smith                     Cale HartnagelChad Sellers                     Eric FaustJohn Beck                       Chad StapletonDean Hoffman                  Ryan UnzickerDillion White                     Bob GeaschelAlan Geiseking                  Dave JacoberMike Ripperda                   Thornton RacingPaul Bailey                         Mark ChildersonMatt Koch                         Dwayne BatemanLeonard Rakers                   Eilers RacingBrandon Hogenson             Chad ZobristAndy Oswald                      Dave McDougalBruce Unterbrink                 Larry Smith, JrTravis Horner                      Bobby DaudermanCrossbones Motorsports       Sue ZobristLeigh Ann Crenshaw-Wells    Patti HaukapRobin Knebel                       Highland TruBuyHighland Ready Mix               Pizza HutSonic                                  Dairy QueenTaco Bell                             Highland Recycling Tri Ford                               Rural KingFamily Video                         Box TV Powhatan                            Schuster RepairG & S Freight Service             Excel Bottling CoSpies Sports                         Kuhn Promotions  

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Frankie Martin Late Models Winner


Martin, Harrison, Eilers, Koch, Suhre and the Kids all winners at Highland    (August 28, 2010) HIGHLAND IL – Highland Speedway known for its family tradition continued one of them this past Saturday night. While the racing was the featured attraction, the kids took center stage. More than 100 young fans took part in another big JR Fan Club giveaway in which everyone in attendance received a prize and everyone had a chance to participate in a nickel race on the front straight away. Besides picking up nickels, specialty marked coins were in the mix. Those coins were good for a new bicycle. Once intermission was over, the racing resumed on the Speedway.   The ...

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Northern All Stars Invade Highland

Northern All Stars Invade Highland  (August 21, 2010) Highland IL – The Northern Allstars Late Models racing series stopped at the Highland Speedway this past Saturday night. The series features many of the top drivers from across the Midwest and this series allows the local drivers a chance to take on the touring competition.   The heat races were lined up by group qualifying. The winner of heat one was the 6K of Michael Kloos. Kloos also had fast time for the group. Highland’s Points leader, Chad Zobrist’s string of bad luck continued this week with a crash on the opening lap of the heat race and that earned the Highland Bulldog a free pass ...

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Kloos, Eilers Winners, Harrison, Ripperda and Suhre Double Up

Kloos, Eilers Winners, Harrison, Ripperda and Suhre Double Up   (August 7, 2010) Highland IL-The crowd at the Highland Speedway was treated to a night full of racing. Besides a full schedule of regular evening events, three classes, the Steve Schmitt Modifieds, UMP Street Stocks, and the UMP Factory Stocks all ran double features completing the race of July 24th when a late evening thunderstorm halted action.  The Super Late Models portion of the night started with their heat races. Heat wins went to the 6k of Michaela Kloos, the 11 of 14 year old Tyler Reddick, making a rare Saturday night appearance at the Speedway, and the third heat went to the 25 of ...

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It was Pink All Out At Highland: Melvin, Harrison, Cummins, Horstmann, and SUHRE Claim Top Honors in benefit race (August 3, 2010) Highland IL – If you were in attendance this past Tuesday night at the Highland Speedway when you walked into the grandstand you knew something special was going on. How many times do you go to a race track and the walls are painted pink? In fact, pink was the color of the night, from the many balloons tied to railings, to the many volunteers, fans, and all the Highland officials, wearing the color to commemorate the occasion, Racin For A Cause. A race inspired by the members of the Highland racing families ...

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August 12, 2017 Leaps of Love Woodcrest Small Engine Street Stock Results

Feature Finish Car No Driver 1 71G Dustin McClintock 2 36 Eric Harris 3 81LE Lacey Egbert 4 9X Trevor Isaak 5 32F Todd Flauaus 6 58 Ryan Hamilton 7 27 Gary Klaus 8 53 Kipp Schaefer 9 88C Brian Miller 10 20 Syndee Cory 11 16E Todd Eyman 12 1G Zach Gili 13 787 Rick Bellem 14 18D Dylan Apken 15 21M Willy Myers 16 3J Austin Tettaton DNS Heat 1 Car No Driver Finish 1 21M Willy Myers 2 36 Eric Harris 3 58 Adam Pate 4 81LE Lacey Egbert 5 88C Brian Miller 6 27 Gary Klaus 7 31J Austin Tettaton 8 20 Sydnee Cory Heat 2 Car No Driver Finish 1 ...

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August 12, 2017 Leaps of Love Miller Lite BMod Reslts

Feature Finish Car No Driver 1 3 Ryan Eilers 2 63E Bret Eilerman 3 5F TJ Frazier 4 2F Nic Frey 5 28 Justin Durbin 6 29H Cale Hartnagel 7 19S Nathan Schmitt 8 23T Ryan Timmons 9 787 Cody Zobrist 10 25R Michael Ripperda, Jr 11 2 Eric Brackett 12 1H Josh Heuiser 13 69JR Noah Sugg 14 56JR Chris Mercurio 15 34 John Holzhauer 16 52 Rob Lee 17 22K Michael Kettler 18 9* Joe Mercurio 19 5S Owen Steinkoenig 20 731 Jon Dove Heat 1 Car No Driver Finish 1 23T Ryan Timmons 2 28 Justin Durbin 3 63E Bret Eilerman 4 2F Nic Frey 5 22K Michael Kettler 6 69JR Noah ...

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August 12, 2017 Leaps of Love UMP Steve Schmitt Modified Results

Dash Finish Car No Driver 1 3E Robbie Eilers 2 84 Tyler Deibert 3 88R James Eden 4 37 Brian Wolfmeier 5 15 Chris Smith 6 0P Dean Pruett Feature Finish Car No Driver 1 84 Tyler Deibert 2 3E Robbie Eilers 3 E55 Chad Sellers 4 37 Brian Wolfmeier 5 88R James Eden 6 15 Chris Smith 7 54 Shaun Horstmann 8 58 Ryan Hamilton 9 0P Dean Pruett 10 30 Charles Snow 11 3G Wade Glover 12 25 Lenny Garson 13 5 Joe Dresch Heat 1 Finish Car No Driver 1 3E Robbie Eilers 2 84 Tyler Deibert 3 0P Dean Pruett 4 E55 Chad Sellers 5 58 Ryan Hamilton 6 3G Wade ...

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August 12, 2017 Leaps of Love UMP B-Wet/B-Dry Solutions Late Model Results

Dash Finish Car No Driver 1 1S Rick Salter 2 52B Matt Bailey 3 10K Daryn Klein 4 27K Greg Kimmons 5 18W Trent Workman 6 12L Bryan Leach Feature Finish Car No Driver 1 78 Chad Zobrist 2 10K Daryn Klein 3 52B Matt Bailey 4 1S Rick Salter 5 27K Greg Kimmons 6 4S Jason Suhre 7 11K Shannon Kuhn 8 22 Dan Jacober 9 18W Trent Workman 10 67 Mark Oller 11 16H Mike Hammerlee 12 52K Tim Koch 13 51X Chris Geisen 14 12L Bryan Leach 15 9T Travis Horner 16 87 Jason Zobrist 17 22F Nathan Flanigan DNS Heat 1 Finish Car No Driver 1 1S Rick Salter 2 52B ...

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