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2014 Point System


2014 Highland Track Points Explanation

Weekly Points Structure

Heats                                                       Feature

  1. Points       Position                             Position           Points

    1              7                                       1                 75                     

    2              6                                       2                 70

    3              5                                       3                 65

    4              4                                       4                 60

    5              3                                       5                 55       

    6              2                                       6                 50   

    7              1                                       7                 48

                                                             8                 46

                                                             9                 44

                                                             10               42

                                                             11               40

                                                             12               39

                                                             13               38

                                                             14               37

                                                             15               36

                                                             16               35        

                                                             17               34

                                                             18               33

                                                             19               32

                                                             20               31

                                                             21               30

                                                             22               29

                                                             23               28

                                                             24               27

                                                             25               26

           A driver must join the Highland Speedway Point Fund to receive end of season point fund monies. Drivers must buy their Highland Speedway membership by May 3rd. Membership costs $30. A driver must race in 75% of all 2014 point events to be eligible for any point money. Drivers must declare their rookie status. A rookie is defined by not participating in more than 5 races in a season. Driver must attend banquet or have his representative attend.   

An extra 75 Highland Speedway points will be awarded to each driver who
signs in at the pit shack and has their car in the pits.

Only UMP members will receive Highland Speedway points.

In the event of a tie, first tie breaker will be based on loyalty,
second will be whoever had most wins, followed by top 5 finishes,
and top 10 finishes, etc.

In the event of a Rain-Out:

IF the event is cancelled AFTER the draw has closed (6:15 p.m.)

show-up points will be awarded to each driver in attendance.

IF the event is cancelled PRIOR to the draw closing time (6:15 p.m.),

 show-up points WILL NOTbe awarded for

drivers that have already signed-in at the track.
This method will not penalize drivers that travel several

miles and compete for season championship points.


Track Guidelines

Highland Speedway reserves the right to refuse admittance to anyone.

Drivers must be 14 years of age to race at the Highland Speedway. Drivers 14 and under must have permission from the track to race in the DIRTcar UMP Late Model, DIRTcar UMP Modified,  DIRTcar UMP SportMod division and DIRTcar UMP Street Stock division.

Minor drivers must have BOTH parents or legal guardians sign a minor release form for the driver to enter the race track. Minor drivers will sign the minor form each week during sign in at the pit shack. 

Each driver must enter their car to race every night. Every car that races must have a pit pass for the driver.