U.M.P. DIRTcar Racing


September 2, 2006 Results

Saturday, Sept 2, brought the Northern All Star Late Model Series to town. There were 34 UMP Late Models racing for the $2,000 purse. It was Highland native, Randy Korte, who drove away with the prize. Fastest qualifier was another local, Mark Voigt. First heat winner was Billy Faust, then Steven Unterbrink, Brent Helmkamp, and Ryan Little. Second heat went to Tim Manville ahead of Dick Taylor, Rick Standridge, and Bruce Unterbrink. Third heat top dog was Mike Schulte leading Rick Salter, Scott Ford, and Kerby Damery. Fourth heat saw Feature winner Randy Korte cross the start/finish line first ahead of Chad Zobrist, Michael Kloos, and Steve Sheppard,Jr. No dash was run. Consi one order of finish was Bruce Unterbrink, Matt Weidner, Guy Taylor, Michael Jacober, Randy Bingham, Chad Evans, Mark Voigt, Brian Wolfmeier, Mark Faust, and Ryan Little. Second consi finish lineup was Steve Shepard, Kerby Damery, Ron Sendel, Frank Heckenast, Jr, John Woddard, Dan Jacober, John Beck, Joe Dresch, Barry Quade, Dave Thornton, and Russ Adams. Chasing King Kong Korte in the Feature were Billy Faust, Tim Manville, Mike Schulte, Steve Sheppard, Jr, Kerby Damery, Rick Salter, Frank Heckanhast, Jr, Chad Zobrist, Rick Standridge, Scott Ford, Mark Faust, Steven Unterbrink, Brent Helmkamp, Bruce Unterbrink, John Beck, Dick Taylor, Guy Taylor, Matt Weidner, Ron Sensel, and Michael Kloos. Also in attendance was Mike Faust.

The UMP Modified division saw 21 cars ready to race. Jim Werner, Jr took the first win in the first heat leading Ryan Driemeyer, Matt Acord, and Chad Sellers. Second heat saw Roger Fohne beat out Paul Bailey, Jeff Draffin, and Mark Clary. Third heat saw dash winner Scott Sugg lead Brian Bielong, Tommy Seets, Jr, and Bobby Daudermann. Following Sugg in the dash were Roger Fohne, Jim Werner, Jr and Brian Bielong. In the Feature the third heat lineup was reversed as Bielong beat out Sugg for the checkered flag. Feature order of finish was Brian Bielong, the 2006 UMP Modifed Highland Speedway champion, Scott Sugg, Jim Werner, Jr, Roger Fohne, Paul Bailey, Jefff Draffin, Jim Lafferty, Chad Sellers, Bobby Daudermann, Matt Acord, Eric Goetter, Mark Clary, David Barker, Dave Meyers, Ryan Driemeyer, Eric Faust, Andy Oswald, Mike Linsky, and Tommy Seets, Jr.

In the UMP Sporetsman division, there were 20 cars. Taking the first win in this division was Robbie Eilers. Eilers took the first heat over Jason Bohnenstiehl, Pete Cory, and Aaron Melton. Second heat top dog was Brian Bielong leading Justin Ketrow, Dustin Knerrer, and Aaron Marquardt. Third heat saw Mark Bohnenstiehl beat out Russell Eilers, Andy Casper, and Don Patton. Dash wiiner Robbie Eilers won over Brian Bielong, Mark Bohnenstiehl, and Jason Bohnenstiehl. The Feature saw Brain Bielong add another win to his night's total. Bielong lead Mark Bohnenstiehl, Robbie Eilers, Jason Bohnenstiehl, Justin Ketrow, Dustin Knerrer, Andy Casper, Don Patton, Bryan Slover, Pete Cory, Adam Haas, Chris Lafferty, John Cooper, Aaron Marquardt, Russell Eilers, Scott Henseler, Aaron Melton, and Scott Drew. Also in attendance were Billy Knebel, Jr and Matt Koch.

There were 31 Bombers who showed up to go racing. First heat win wnet to Adam Pate over Tommy Gegg, Dennis Hornbostel, and Eric Rensing. Second heat saw Rocky Berliew beat out Tim Driscoll, Shawn Teeske, and Matt Workman. Danny Ripperda took the third heat ahead of Jason Zobrist, Brian Crawfield, and Billy Kruep. Fourth heat win wnet to Brian Clardy then Steve Steele, Jimmy Miller, and Scott Ponder. Consi order of finish was Justin Durbin, Tim Haeffner, Chris Bolyard, Rich Breakfield, Steve Leach, Darren Koch, Mike Molitor, Michael Jefferies, Patrick Seymour, and Brant Kehrer. Due to time constraints, the Bomber Feature will be run on Sept. 9.

Hornet Division had 23 racers who brought their cars to win. The first winner of the night was Ryan Eilers leading Jon Ripperda, Bob Zbinden, and Russell Eilers. Second heat saw Tracy VonRohr take the win over Robbie Eilers, Bobby Funderburk, and Nick Knebel. The Hornet Feature will be run on Sept. 9.

Saturday, Sept. 9, Highland Speedway will start one hour earlier in order to run the Bomber and Hornet Features. This will be the UMP Late Model and UMP Modified Championship night. Pizzini Distributing will sponsor this Championship night. So there will be some nice 50/50 prizes. Highland Spedway has added one more night to its 2006 schedule. There will be races on Sept. 23 for UMP Late Models, UMP Sportsman, Bombers, and Hornets. We will also race a Powder Puff Derby. If there is time, a mechanics race will be ran also. Sept. 30 is the makeup date for the Cystic Fibrosis Checkered Flag Finish race.

UMP Late Models - 34 cars
Fastest Qualifier
27 Mike Schulte

Heat 1
1. 26 Billy Faust
2. 4S STeven Unterbrink
3. 31 Brent Helmkamp
4. 38L Ryan Little

Heat 2
1. 33 Tim Manville
2. 24 Cick Taylor
3.12 Rick Standridge
4. 14U Bruce Unterbrink

Heat 3
1. 27 Mike Schulte
2. 1S Rick Salter
3. F16 Scott Ford
4. 10 Kerby Damery

Heat 4
1. 00 Randy Korte
2. 78 Chad Zobrist
3. 6K Michael Kloos
4. 5S Steve Shepard

Consi 1
1. 14U Bruce Unterbrink
2. 18 Matt Weidner
3. 44T Guy Taylor
4. 5J Michael Jacober
5. B1 Randy Bingham
6. 59 Chad Evans
7. 30V Mark Voigt
8. 441 Brian Wolfmeier
9. 51 Mark Faust
10. 38L Ryan Little

Consi 2
1. 5S Steve Shepard
2. 10 Kerby Damery
3. 36 Ron Sensel
4. 99jr Frank Heckenhast, Jr
5. 8 John Woddard
6. 22 Dan Jacober
7. 28 John Beck
8. 5D Joe Dresch
9. 19 Barry Quade

1. 00 Randy Korte
2. 26 Billy Faust
3. 33 Tim Manville
4. 27 Mike Schulte
5. 5S Steve Shepard, Jr
6. 10 Kerby Damery
7. 1S Rick Salter
8. 99 Frank Heckenhast, Jr
9. 78 Chad Zobrist
10. 12 Rick Standridge
11. F16 Scott Ford
12. 92 Mark Faust
13. 4S Steven Unterbrink
14. 31 Brent Helmkamp
15. 14U Bruce Unterbrink
16. 28 John Beck
17. 24 Dick Taylor
18. 44T Guy Taylor
19. 18 Matt Weidner
20. 36 Ron Sensel
21. 6K Michael Kloos

Also in attendance:
51 Mike Faust
74 Ross Adams
12T Dave Thornton

UMP Modified - 21 cars
Fastest Qualifier

Heat 1
1. 44 Jim Werner, Jr
2. 2D Ryan Driemeyer
3. 20 Matt Acord
4. E55X Chad Sellers

Heat 2
1. 29 Roger Fohne
2. 81 Paul Bailey
3. 68 Jeff Draffin
4. 94C Mark Clary

Heat 3
1. 69 Scott Sugg
2. 70 Brian Bielong
3. 16 Tommy Seets, Jr
4. 18 Bobby Daudermann

1. 69 Scott Sugg
2. 29 Roger Fohne
3. 44 Jim Werner, Jr
4. 70 Brian Bielong

1. 70 Brian Bielong
2. 69 Scott Sugg
3. 44 Jim Werner, Jr
4. 29 Roger Fohne
5. 81 Paul Bailey
6. 68 Jeff Draffin
7. 56 Jim Lafferty
8. E55X Chad Sellers
9. 18 Bobby Daudermann
10.20 Matt Acord
11. 76 Eric Goetter
12.94C Mark Clary
13. 98B David Barker
14. 00 Dave Meyers
15.2D Ryan Driemeyer
16. 75 Eric Faust
17. 68 Andy Oswald
18. 99 Mike Linsky
19. 16 Tommy Seets, Jr

Sportsman - 20 cars
Heat 1
1. 2K Robbie Eilers
2. 15 Jason Bohnenstiehl
3. 2C Pete Cory
4.441 Aaron Melton

Heat 2
1. 19 Brian Bielong
2. 88 Justin Ketrow
3. 99K Dustin Knerrer
4. 41 Aaron Marquardt

Heat 3
1. 23B Mark Bohnenstiehl
2. 3E Russell Eilers
3. 17C Andy Casper
4. 55 Don Patton

1. 2K Robbie Eilers
2. 19 Brian Bielong
3. 23B Mark Bohnenstiehl
4. 15 Jason Bohnenstiehl

1. 19 Brian Bielong
2. 23B mark Bohnenstiehl
3. 2K Robbie Eilers
4. 15 Jason Bohnenstiehl
5. 88 Justin Ketrow
6. 99K Dustin Knerrer
7. 17C Andy Casper
8. 55 Don Patton
9. 7 Bryan Slover
10. 2C Pete Cory
11. 27 Adam Haas
12. 56B Chris Lafferty
13. 2 John Cooper
14. 41 Aaron Marquardt
15. 3E Russell Eilers
16. 3 Scott Henseler
17. 441 Aaron Melton
18. 88S Scott Drew

Also in attendance:
52 Billy Knebel, Jr
88M Matt Koch

Bombers - 31 cars
Heat 1
1. 11 Adam Pate
2. 22 Tommy Gegg
3. 24 Dennis Hornbostel
4. 74 Eric Rensing

Heat 2
1. 18B Rocky Berliew
2. 88 Tim Driscoll
3. 13T Shawn Teeske
4. 18 Matt Workman

Heat 3
1. 51 Danny Ripperda
2. 87 Jason Zobrist
3. 64 Brian Crawford
4. 91 Billy Kruep

Heat 4
1. 47 Brian Clardy
2. 379 Steve Steele
3. 18M Jimmy Miller
4. 8 Scott Ponder

1. 28 Justin Durbin
2. 00 Tim Haeffner
3. 88B Chris Bolyard
4. 23 Rich Breakfield
5. 49 Steve Leach
6. 17 Darren Koch
7. 01 Mike Molitor
8. 48 Mike Jefferies
9. 454 Patrick Seymour
10. 92B Brant Kehrer

Feature to be run Sept 9

Hornets - 23 cars
Heat 1
1. 3 Ryan Eilers
2. 21X Jon Ripperda
3. 99 Bob Zbinden
4. 8E Russell Eilers

Heat 2
1. 20 Tracy VonRohr
2. 3E Robbie Eilers
3. 97 Bobby Funderburk
4. 52 Nick Knebel

Feature to be run Sept 9

Track Guidelines

Highland Speedway reserves the right to refuse admittance to anyone.

Drivers must be 14 years of age to race at the Highland Speedway. Drivers 14 and under must have permission from the track to race in the DIRTcar UMP Late Model, DIRTcar UMP Modified,  DIRTcar UMP SportMod division and DIRTcar UMP Street Stock division.

Minor drivers must have BOTH parents or legal guardians sign a minor release form for the driver to enter the race track. Minor drivers will sign the minor form each week during sign in at the pit shack. 

Each driver must enter their car to race every night. Every car that races must have a pit pass for the driver.