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Code of Conduct

2018 Highland Speedway Pit Area Code of Conduct
All participants are covered by Secondary/Excess Hospitalization Insurance, which is provided by the racetrack. In the event you become injured at the tracks, it is your responsibility to see that the Track Manager is notified before you leave the track. You MUST complete a claim form before any medical bills will be paid.

The Highland Speedway Rules Committee shall be empowered to permit minor deviation from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that, in its opinion, do not alter acceptable requirements. Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of the officials. Their decision is final. The absence of a specific rule does not imply approval, consent, or permission regarding that subject. Any questions or doubts regarding that subject and/or any questions or doubts regarding such matters should be directed to the Rules Committee. Continuous developments in racing may necessitate changes that we cannot foresee at the time the rules are written. Hence, we may update, modify, add to or delete rules. It is your responsibility to read and understand the following rules and procedures. Ignorance of such will not be an excuse. We have tried to cover all aspects of what is expected from all of us. If after reading this, you discover something that we have omitted, please bring it to our attention for discussion.  It is the duty of every driver to inspect the racing surface and race track grounds to learn of any defects, obstructions, or anything which, in his/her opinion, is unsafe. Further, all drivers entering any events are considered to have inspected the area and satisfied themselves as to the conditions. If not, THEY SHOULD NOT RACE. This further indicates that with full awareness and knowledge, that auto racing involves certain risks.  All fines or protest monies must be paid in cash, no coins, no credit cards, and no checks.


1. No drinking of alcoholic beverages by anyone entitled to enter the pit area before or during the races. STRICTLY ENFORCED.
2. Anyone entitled to enter the pit area who, at any time or place, shall strike or cause bodily harm to anyone during the race date or on track property, will be assessed as follows:
First offense – minimum $100 fine and a $100.00 bond. Additional penalty will be at the discretion of the Track Promoter. The penalty for a Second offense shall be double the first with nothing refundable plus suspension from Highland Speedway for two race dates at the track. The penalty for a Third offense is indefinite suspension. There shall be the right to appeal to the Race Committee. All appeals must be presented in writing to a Highland Speedway Race Committee member within 24 hours of notification of penalty or faxed to 618-633-2216, within same time frame. Suspensions will be served at the next Highland Speedway race date where the incident occurred. All fines and bonds must be paid in cash; bonds will be held for a minimum of one (1) calendar year and returned upon successful completion of probation. No one may attend any Highland Speedway or Madison County Fair Association events until all fines are paid.
3. Obscene gestures or offensive language will be a minimum fine of $100 for each occurrence subject to Track Promoter’s discretion. This includes obscene gestures given on track in front of grandstand and offensive language used during interviews.
4. The penalty for striking an official shall be an indefinite suspension at Highland Speedway.
5. Driver must use caution when driving through the pits. No speeding or reckless driving will be permitted. You will use your points and money for the night if speeding or driving recklessly in the pits.
6. If at any time your manner of dress, appearance, or conduct is deemed by the Race Committee to be not in the best interest of racing, you may be ejected from the premises.
7. Any fighting in the pit area or on the track may subject the offender and associated car to suspension and/or associated fines. See rule # 2.
8. No drivers, owners or crew members allowed in the scoring tower and/or Pit Shack without official permission.
9. No driver, pit crew or owner may deliberately interfere with any car on the track or in the pit area. Penalty shall be meeting with Highland Speedway Race Committee prior to further competition.
10. Driver may NOT exit the car on the track to discuss a situation with anyone. Violation of this rule WILL result in disqualification for the remaining events and a suspension may be assessed if deemed appropriate by the officials.
11. Every person allowed to enter the pit area will be issued a “Pit Pass” upon showing proof of age. Photo ID only will be accepted. Pit pass MUST be clearly visible at all times. Anyone found giving or loaning his/her pit pass to allow someone entry who is otherwise not entitled, will be fined $30.00 and ejected from the pit area.
12. There is no designated handicapped parking in the pits. Handicap parking is right outside the grandstand gate on top. No personal vehicles will be allowed to park in the pits. There will be no saved spots in the pits, only paid parking spots.
13. The premises are covered under the federal and state sex offender/sexual predator laws. We are in a park by a public pool and an elementary school. Registered sex offenders and/or sexual predators are not allowed on the grounds.


1. ILLEGAL DRUGS are those substances defined and prohibited by State and/or Federal Law.
2. GENERAL PROHIBITION: Possession or use of illegal drugs or drug substances, as defined above, is prohibited in any form, by any participant at Highland Speedway events, either on the Speedway, or in any area considered to be used in the operation of the Speedway, such as parking lots or leased properties.
3. PARTICIPANT is any person taking part in any event sanctioned by Highland Speedway and/or the Madison County Fair Association in any form, including but not restricted to drivers, car owners, mechanics, crew members, sponsors, track officials or pit area observers.  All such persons shall be considered public figures who have, by their own choice, become involved in auto racing events sanctioned by Highland Speedway and/or the Madison County Fair Association with the full understanding that he/she MUST abide by the rules and regulations established and published or announced by theHighland Speedway.  ALL PARTICIPANTS WILL BE CONSIDERED RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR PERSONAL CONDUCT.
4. VIOLATIONS AND PENALTIES: Any person found to be in possession of or under the influence of an illegal drug or drug substance on any Speedway property, as defined above OR any person who is arrested by duly constituted authorities and charged with possession and/or use of drugs or drug substances OR any person who is formally charged by a court of law with illegal drug violations, SHALL BE SUBJECT TO THE FOLLOWING PENALTIES BY THE RACE COMMITTEE:
a. Suspension from competition and ejection from the Speedway property, and denial of future entry to any events for a period to be determined by Highland Speedway Race Committee.
b. Any participant who is formally charged by a court of law with an illegal drug violation, upon notification to Highland Speedway Race Committee by that agency, shall be suspended from all forms of participation at any and all events until such time as the charges are fully adjudicated through the legal process. Any participant convicted of a formal drug charge by such process of law, will, from the date of conviction, be prohibited from taking part in any Highland Speedway and/or Madison County Fair Association events for a minimum period to be determined by the Race Committee.
5. APPEAL & HEARING: Any participant suspended for violation of these rules, may be granted an appeal hearing by the Race Committee, provided the suspended participant requests such a hearing, in writing, within 14 calendar days of the date of suspension.
6. REINSTATEMENT: A participant suspended for violation of these rules, EXCEPT IN THE CASE OF PERSONS CHARGED WITH SELLING DRUGS, may, as the result of a decision reached through the hearing process detailed above, be reinstated, if it is mutually agreed that the participant, at his /her own expense, will produce  documentation from a physician licensed within the state, certifying that he/she is drug independent, as a result of random and periodic examination and urinalysis testing, made at the request of Highland Speedway Race Committee.
7. PRESCRIBED DRUGS: If a participant is using prescription drugs on the advice of a licensed physician, such use MUST be reported to Track Manager prior to the participant’s entry into any Speedway activities. Failure to so notify will subject the participant to penalties as described above.

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