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July 5, 2005 (UMP Summer Nationals) Results

Story by Terry Young
Shannon Babb once again took his favorite car that bears the moniker of “Full Pull” and sports a Jay Dickens Engine with sponsorship from CAR CITY, G&C Enterprises, PRC, Watters Autoland, J&J Steel, KARL Chevrolet, Outlawd Motorsports, Platinum Motors & RV, ALLSTAR Performance, Sunoco Race Fuels, Triple B Outfitters, Outlawd Motorsports, Mike Mudd Tractor and Combine Repair, Wick Racing, Hoosier by Smash, Indy Screen Print, Petersen Systems, Weld Wheels, IMPACT Safety Equipment, Dyers Rods, Bert Transmission, Sweet Manufacturing and Petroff Towing to victory lane, this time from a third row starting berth as he drove the high side and masterfully took the lead on lap 21 and never loked back leading the remaining markers to the checkered flag.

This would mark an unbelievable 7 feature wins on the tour out of 11 completed events thus far. The other winners on the tour have been Dennis Erb, Rodney Melvin and Don O’Neal and Randy Korte!

Rodney Melvin led the first several laps from his pole start and Brady Smith would overtake Melvin on lap 3 and lead until relilnguishing the point to Babb.

Follwoing Babb at the stripe were Melvin, Jimmy Mars, Dennis Erb, Randy Korte, Jeep Van Wormer, Smith, Steve Hillard, Kevin Weaver and Billy Faust rounding out the top 10.

The evening began with Smith recording the fast time honors among the 36 cars on hand.

The dash was won by Melvin in a tight battle with Smith, followed by Mars, Weaver, Van Wormer, Babb, Erb, Frankie Martin and Mark Faust.

Heat races were won by Erb over Hillard, Matt Taylor, Michael Kloos, Tom Carson, Patrick Sheltra, John Pauley and Randy Bingham, Billy Faust over Martin, Brian Shirley, Mike Schulte and Jim Shereck, Chad Zobrist over Mark Faust, Kevin Gundaker filling in in the Clay Baumann ride, Jason Feger, Brent Hemlkamp, Mark Voigt and Frank Heckenast, Jr. and Randy Korte over Michael England, Rick Salter, Mark Gansmann, Jordan Bland, Kerry Gualtney and Vince Grondzki.

The consis were topped by Kloos over Feger, Carson and Voigt and Schulte over Shereck, Gansmann and Dan Jacober.

Mark Voigt was added to the A-Main as the UMP Summer Nationals provisional with Tom Carson added as the track provisional to complete the 22 car field.

Results from Jack Pugh
UMP Late Models – 36 cars

Fast time – Brady Smith 13.662
2. Kevin Weaver
3. Jimmy Mars
4. Shannon Babb
5. Rodney Melvin
6. Jeep Van Wormer

1. Rodney Melvin(27)
2. Brady Smith(2)
3. Jimmy Mars(28m)
4. Kevin Weaver(b12)
5. Jeep Van Wormer(55)
6. Shannon Babb(18)
7. Dennis Erb(28)
8. Frankie Martin(25)
9. Mark Faust(51)

Top three transfer
Heat 1:
1. Dennis Erb
2. Steve Hillard(34)
3. Matt Taylor(3L)
4. Michael Kloos(6k)
5. Tom Carson(30)
6. Patrick Sheltra(23)
7. John Paule(22)
8. Randy Bingham(b1)

Heat 2:
1. Billy Faust(26)
2. Frankie Martin(25)
3. Brian Shirley(3s)
4. Mike Schulte(27)
5. Jim Shereck(7)
6. Dan Jacober(22)
7. Bob Geaschel(8)
8. 22d

Heat 3:
1. Chad Zobrist(78)
2. Mark Faust(51)
3. Kevin Gundaker(77)
4. Jason Feger(25)
5. Brent Helmcamp(31)
6. Mark Voigt(30)
7. Frank Heckenhast(99)

Heat 4:
1. Randy Korte(00)
2. Michael England(5e)
3. Rick Salter(1s)
4. Mark Gannsman(20)
5. Jordan Bland(12)
6. Kerry Gaultney(21)
7. Vince Grondzki(32)

Winner transfers to feature
Semi 1:
1. Michael Kloos
2. Jason Feger
3. Tom Carson
4. Mark Voigt
5. Patrick Sheltra
6. John Paule
7. Brent Helmcamp
8. Frank Heckenhast
9. Randy Bingham

Semi 2:
1. Mike Schulte
2. Jim Shereck
3. Mark Gansmann
4. Dan Jacober
5. Kerry Gaultney
6. Bob Geaschel
7. Jordan Bland

1. Shannon Babb
2. Rodney Melvin
3. Jimmy Mars
4. Dennis Erb
5. Randy Korte
6. Jeep Van Wormer
7. Brady Smith
8. Steve Hillard
9. Kevin Weaver
10. Billy Faust
11. Mark Faust
12. Brian Shirley
13. Mike Schulte
14. Frankie Martin
15. Rick Salter
16. Tom Carson
17. Kevin Gundaker(DNF)
18. Chad Zobrist(DNF)
19. Michael England(DNF)
20. Mark Voigt(DNF)
21. Matt Taylor(DNF)
22. Michael Kloos(DNF)

UMP Modifieds – 27 cars

Fast time – Ray Walsh – 14.815

Heat 1: Mike Harrison(24), Brent Mullins(41m), Rusty Griffaw(16), Roger Fohne(29), Brett Korves(25), 33, Ray Walsh(DNF)

Heat 2: Brian Bielong(70), Ryan Driemeyer(66), Bobby Martintoni(48), 11, Dave Thorton(56), Kent Schoeck(31), Eric Faust(75)

Heat 3: Marty Smith(55), Bobby Bittle(89), Hartnagle(56), Brian McCormick(23), Scott Weber(4j), Matt Verbeck(17m)

Heat 4: Jeff Leka(3L), Chad Sellers(e55), Bobby Newberry(20n), Paul Reinneck(51),15, 51, Tim Hancock

Dash: Bielong, Harrison, Leka, Smith, Mullins, Diemeyer, Bittle, Sellers

Semi: Korves, Weber, Walsh, Thornton, Reinneck, Verbeck, Schoeck, 33

Feature: Bielong, Harrison, Smith Jr., Leka, Driemeyer, Mullins, Bittle, Sellers, Griffaw, Weber, Korves, Walsh, Martintoni, 15, 11, Fohne, Hartnagle, McCormick, Newberry(DNF)

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