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Schulte Claims Becker Jewelers Late Models Honors

Harrison, R. Lee, Bauer, C. Lee, and Horstmann Take Home Trophy’s

      HIGHLAND IL ( June 16,2012) The long awaited re-appearance of Johnny Crash was the highlight of the Intermission show this past Saturday at the Highland Speedway. It was the Grapperhaus Metals Night of Destruction at the Highland Speedway. Last year the daredevil from Yazoo City Mississippi, crashed the Church Van

Johnny Crash

belonging to the Yazoo City First Baptist Church and Convenient Stores. This year his first attempt was to crash a four wheeler (which he obtained from an undisclosed location), but it developed mechanical problems in turn two and caught fire, when the Highland Speedway track crew came to his rescue, he jumped into the nicest push vehicle the Speedway has and with the officials trying franticly to stop him, Johnny Crash proceeded to crash the push truck into his motor home parked at the end of the Casey’s General Stores Victory Lane.

Johnny Crash and Track Security

Finally his was apprehended and led out of the Speedway by the tracks Security people. Shaun Horstmann, one of the tracks Factory Stock drivers won the rollover contest.





 Becker Jewelers Late Models

Mike Schulte

   The feature event got off to a strange start as the field of Becker Jewelers Super Late Models was rolling around the track on its parade lap something on the 81C of Kevin Cole let loose and steam or smoke came rolling out of the machine. Cole exited the racer safely and after a brief cleanup the feature event got underway.

   Matt Weidner in the Circle 7 was the pole sitter and choose to start on the high side moving second place starter Shannon Kuhn to the low side of the front row. On the drop of the green Kuhn driving the 11K immediately jumped out front and led the field on the first lap, in fact he led the first six laps when a spin by current track Champion Chad Zobrist brought out the first yellow. Kuhn had built a substantial lead over Michael Kloos in the 6K who moved from his fifth place starting position into second. The first three on the restart were Kuhn, Kloos and Mike Schulte in the 27.

     The race was just starting take shape with Kuhn and Schulte staying true to the low side of the track and Kloos working the top. Caution again came out on lap 8 for the 87 of Jason Zobrist and the 14U of Bruce Unterbrink. While under caution Kuhn discovered his left rear tire was beginning to come loose and while lead had to pull into the infield and was out of the night’s event. This gave the lead to Schulte in the 27S.

     With clean air in front of him Schulte lead the final 17 laps and drove the 27S to the Casey’s General Stores Victory Lane. Kloos, Rick Salter, Weidner and Jason Zobrist were the top five.

Becker Jewelers Late Models Top Ten

1 Mike Schulte

2 Michael Kloos

3 Rick Salter

4 Matt Weidner

5 Jason Zobrist

6 Rodney Melvin

7 Frankie Martin

8 Chad Zobrist

9 Bruce Unterbrink

10 Steve Leach

Steve Schmitt Modifieds

Mike Harrison

       After two attempts for cars spinning in the back of the field the Steve Schmitt Modifieds main event finally got under way. Dash winner Justin Ketrow in the number 6 led the field to the starting line, in fact led for the first 15 laps, but they weren’t easy laps, between negotiating lap traffic and having the 24H of Mike Harrison hot on his heels.    

     Harrison was pushing the walls out of the Speedway working the high side trying to overcome Ketrow. Finally on lap fifteen he managed to drive around Ketrow to take the lead. Harrison never looked back and again found himself in the Casey’s General Stores Victory Lane, Ketrow came home a very respectful second, Brad Venhaus made a fine showing in the 55V to claim third, Tyler Diebert and Chad Sellers rounded out the top five.

Steve Schmitt Modifieds Top Ten

1 Mike Harrison

2 Justin Ketrow

3 Brad Venhaus

4 Tyler Deibert

5 Chad Sellers

6 Brian Bielong

7 Dustin Knerrer

8 Marty Smith, Jr

9 Chris Smith

10 Jacob Steinkoenig

Miller Lite Pro Late Models

Jordan Bauer

     Jordan Bauer returned this week driving his familiar number 9Star Pro Late Model and using lap traffic to his advantage found his way into the Casey’s general Stores victory Lane, Bobby Dauderman, Billy Knebel Jr, Rick Salter and Daniel Heck were the top five

Miller Lite Pro late Models

1 Jordan Bauer

2 Bobby Dauderman

3 Billy Knebel, Jr

4 Rick Salter

5 Daniel Heck

Sport Mods

Rob Lee

   Rob Lee driving the Wonder Acres number 88 again found the Casey’s General Stores Victory Lane to his liking as he again won another Sport Mod Feature.

Sport Mods Top Five

1 Rob Lee

2 Marty Smith, Jr

3 Rick Johnson

4 Jim Lafferty, Jr

5 Tyler Deibert

Factory Stock

Shaun Horstmann

   Roll over contest winner Shaun Horstmann also took home the trophy in the Factory Stocks.

Factory Stock Top Five

1 Shaun Hortsmann

2 T J Eilers

3 Cody Ventimiglia

4 Steve Steele

5 Jeremy Embrich

Sport Compacts Top Five

Christain Lee

1 Christian Lee

2 Kenny Elliott

3 Robert Shaw

4 Bobby Funderburk

5 Josh Bauer

Coming Events

June 20 2012 Summer Nationals Wednesday sponsored by Kettle River Furniture

June 23 2012 DOUBLE FEATURES NIGHT sponsored by B-Wet B-Dry – Frozen T-shirt Night Plus just added demo Derby $10.00 Admission

For more information about the Highland Speedway and the Madison County Fair Association visit their respective web sites: Highland Speedway .com, and Mad Co Fair .com. Also visit their respective Face Book pages.

(Photos by Photo Billy used by Permission)

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