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2022 Street Stock Rules

2022 Street Stock

Highland, IL



All rules may always be changed or added to!

  • Highland Speedway will not tolerate fighting. Anyone (driver, pit crew, owner, etc.) who leaves the car’s pit area and enters another driver’s pit area will be asked to load the car and leave the premises!
  • It is the responsibility of all participants to know the rules.
  • Situations not covered in any of these rules will be handled at the discretion of the track promoter as they arise.
  • Any violation of these rules is considered cheating and upon the first offense, all Highland Speedway points earned through the date of the offense will be stripped from the driver; the driver will start with zero points the following week.

Decisions of the track officials are FINAL!!!

All cars must be stock; cars must be of Sedan type only, no small, unsafe cars. All frames must have a

minimum of 108″ wheelbase. Any US manufactured car or truck. No compacts. All bodies must meet OEM dimensions. Filler panels on sedan types only. No hearses, SUVs, convertibles, or commercial vehicles are allowed. No foreign cars. Full frames only. Stock S B C pillars or stock dimensions. Pickup truck must run factory bed.


  1. All car window openings must be to stock dimensions. Cars must have stock appearing bodies. Body must match stock dimensions. Driver must claim body style. Nose pieces are mandatory, tailpiece is optional. Car must retain ‘A” of original body. Body sides may be made from aluminum. Must retain factory body lines. Hood roof and trunk must remain factory OEM steel. Cockpit must be open beside driver and firewall must be visible. Floor pans are required. Stock firewall and floor pan in stock position. Floor pan is to go from front firewall to front of rear tires and door to door. Entire stock firewall is required to be exposed with cockpit area. Max rear deck height of 42”.


  1. All cars must have sturdy seat belts and safety harness. IMPORTANT: Five-point, three-inch approved safety harness mandatory and must be 5 yrs. or newer with date tag visible. Belts must be secured to cage assembly. Flame resistant racing suit required. Gloves recommended. All drivers must have an approved racing helmet.


  1. Roll cage: Full six-point roll cage from center to rear axle must be used, rear loop from frame to frame allowed. No intentional reinforcement of bumpers allowed. Bumpers must be curved inward. Three door bars on both sides is mandatory. Rear frame rails may be replaced with 2×3 rectangle tubing after kick up only. Outside rub bars are optional, must be cut on an angle so they are able to slide off, close to the body, and must be capped off. Must have driver’s side door plate 1/8″ steel minimum and must be 18″ tall and 24″ wide and securely welded. Front safety loop not to exceed 1 3/4” O.D. round tubing with maximum loop no to exceed 5″ as measured from front side of tubing in front of radiator. Loop to be a single bar. A brace for the radiator may be used with an upright on each side and brace to the frame. In front of “A” frame, a maximum of 1/2” O.C. X minimum I” I.D. pipe of tubing.


  1. No glass or plastic, windshield must be full screen (wire mesh) with three vertical bars spaced 6’apart on the driver’s side. Must run window net. All car window openings must be to stock dimensions.


  1. All chrome must be removed from the car. Including door handles moldings and mirrors. No interior metal removed. Except door panel.
  2. All doors must be welded or pop riveted shut.
  3. All flammable materials must be removed (backseat, headliners, etc.).
  4. Contained fuel cell only. Fuel cell tanks must be mounted into the trunk securely. Minimum (2) 2″ x 1/8″ flat steel straps. Cars must have a full firewall between fuel cell and driver.
  5. Battery required to be mounted in trunk between frame rails minimum 3/8″ hold down bolts.
  6. Roll bar can be used behind nose. As stated, before nose piece mandatory. All bumpers must be rounded. Must be chained on each side to frame. Must have loop to extend from inner edge back to frame. All bumpers must be welded on and have a good tow hookup! If stock bumper is used, it may not be reinforced. ALL BUMPERS MUST BE CAPPED. Bumper must be min 1 1/2 in and max 2″ Tubing/ max 2 horizontal bars. Max .095 wall.
  7. Tires may be Hoosier E-mod (26.5 or 27.5 “A” orA40s or “H” orM30 or M60only) or Goodyear or stock passenger tires. Siping will be allowed. Grooving allowed. All tires must be the same brand. No mixing and matching.
  8. Steel racing wheels only. No mag aluminum, plastic, or fiberglass wheels. Must run 9/16 minimum studs with 1″ lug nuts on right side. Bead locks on right side only. Maximum 8″ wheel. Right front wheel must be reinforced, the rest recommended. Offset wheels and spacers are allowed.
  9. Brakes: minimum 3-wheel brakes, stock appearing steel calipers, steel non-scalloped rotors. If running dual master cylinders, you must have lines plumed together at master cylinder and must be nonadjustable. No balance bars or adjusters allowed. Brakes are mandatory!
  10. Weight jacks may be run. All weight jack mounting nuts and plates must remain in stock position. All jack bolts and plates must be steel. No spring buckets allowed. On front a weight jack nut may be used welded into the factory shock mount hole and on the rear a frame plate may be used. Minimum 1″ jack bolts. Rear shocks must still be mounted in factory position on top. On the front the shock may be mounted outboard. Outboard shocks must be welded. Bearing on-rebuildable shock of any make.
  11. Locked rear end will be allowed. Floater rear-ends will be allowed. No limited slip differentials (No traction control). Any pinion angle allowed. Trailing arms must remain stock length. Trailing arm brackets must be within 1/2 of each other on rear. Front mount of trailing arm must be in stock position. Shock must completely collapse at any time.
  12. Transmission coolers allowed in engine compartment only. Upper & lower trailing arms must be stock length. Front mount of trailing arm must be in stock position upper & lowers. Trailing arms may be aftermarket. Must have stock rubber bushings, no heims or swedge tubes. Must be stock length and same length from side to side. Lowers on rear end do not need to be the same from aide to side.
  13. OEM replacement aftermarket clutch, pedals, and master cylinders allowed. Engine must be in stock location.
  14. Must have stock O.E.M. flywheel, clutch, and pressure plate per make of engine. Drive shaft loops no more than 12″ past front yolk. Drive shaft must be painted white. Must be steel. Must have 10″ minimum disc.
  15. Manual transmissions must run explosion-proof bell housing. All gears must be functional.
  16. Automatic transmissions must run explosion proof blanket or 1/4″ steel scatter shield over converter. Must have working converter.
  17. A stock replacement Upper Control Arm made by U-B Machine Part #14-0809-5R 8″ Right or #14-0829-6L 8.5″ Left that have a steel cross shaft will be allowed. These bolt directly to stock mounting brackets. You will NOT be allowed to move the brackets on the frame. These a-arms use the stock K-5208 ball joint as well. These will be optional, not mandatory! There is no performance advantage to this control arm, just the ease of being able to get them. Chubby Chassis will keep these in stock. 618-667-2727
  18. No titanium or other exotic metals allowed (body, engine, and/or suspension). No Pinto spindles. Spindles must match frame. Speedway or Afco spindles are allowed but must be the factory metric replacement and must have stock length steering arm. Lower A-frames must be stock and match frame. No Nova lowers.
  19. Quick steers allowed. Aftermarket power steering pumps and reservoirs allowed. Must run stock M box with 12:1 ratio minimum. No racing boxes
  20. Cars allowed 5″ spoilers; trucks allowed 8″ spoiler. Spoilers cannot exceed the width of the deck lid.
  21. Can run 7-quart oil pans. Oil pan must have I-inch inspection plug, or oil pan may have to be removed.
  22. Fan shroud required. Steel fans only. No claims. Fuel: Pump gas or racing gas only. No alcohol, nitrous oxide, nitrous methane, or propylene oxide. No E85.
  23. If running EQ head or dart head must run minimum weight 3,200 pounds. Removable weight allowed. Must be painted white and securely fastened. All cars must weigh with driver. Minimum of two -1/2-inch bolts on each piece of lead.
  24. Cars must have 18-inch number on each door and the roof. There must be a 5-inch number on the right-side head light or on the upper right-hand windshield. All numbers and letters must be easily visible and readable by the track officials. In the situation of duplicate numbers, the track officials may assign a letter to you. It is your responsibility to add this letter to your car on the roof, driver’s side and passenger side; failure to do so will cause you to be scored last for your event. NO DUCT TAPE LETTERS ALLOWED.
  25. Random brake checks will be enforced. If your car fails the mandatory brake check, you will not be allowed to start the night’s Feature event.

Engine Rules

  1. Must run stock 2-barrel carburetor, NO HOLLEYS! Carburetors must mount directly on intake without the use of an adapter plate.
  2. Carburetor will be checked with carburetor tool. (may remove choke plate only).
  3. Must have cast iron 2-barrel intakes. No Bus or Marine 2-Barrel Intakes allowed.
  4. No Siamese blocks.
  5. No Dome Pistons. Flattop or dished pistons only.
  6. Heads: Engines and head castings- single valve spring only, screw-in stud guide plate OK. No H pipe or crossovers

allowed. Mufflers are required. Maximum 360 cubic inch. Maximum .060 overbore.


MUST USE STOCK OEM VALVE SPRINGS! NO BEHIVE SPRINGS Spring must be same diameter top to bottom.

GM-350 CID, to use these castings only 487-882-997-624-126-493-185-339-441-993.

GM 305 CID, to use these castings 434-450-416-896-520-601

The Engine Quest Head CH350I for GM, CH318B for Chrysler & Dart head 10024361 will also be allowed!

Intake: tbd

Ford 351 W CID — Intake: tbd

Chrysler 360 CID — Intake: tbd




  1. All heads must retain stock valve size.
  2. Pin studs are allowed.
  3. Guide plates and screw in studs are allowed.
  4. Valve springs must be of stock diameter and height.
  5. Stock rocker arms only, no roller tip or aluminum. No stud girdles allowed.
  6. Poly locks allowed.
  7. Stock steel retainers only.
  8. Cams must be hydraulic/non-roller only. Stamped steel rocker arms only, no roller rockers or roller tip rockers.
  9. Stock ignition only, No M.S.D.
  10. Headers allowed. Must have cast iron exhaust manifolds or headers.
  11. All engine components must remain stock. All engine components must remain Chevy for Chevy, Ford for Ford.
  12. No gear or belt driven camshafts.
  13. A specific part may be protested for $100.00. Engine limited to heads, intake & carburetor.
  14. All cars must be prepared to remove cylinder head at any time.
  15. 911 LS.1 5.3L motors must be stock cast iron block. Factory heads. Factory ECM. Factory intake. May replace cam – only upgrade allowed.

#54  Only 4.8 and 5.3 cast iron factory GM blocks. Max over bore to be .060 Factory bore is 3.780. If we have to pull a head to check this we will.

#55  Must run a factory GM plastic intake, factory GM heads no porting or polishing, must run factory GM injectors.

#56  May run an aftermarket Cam, lifters, and valve springs, May run aftermarket oil pan, May run a aftermarket air cleaner

#57  Must run factory GM OEM engine control module – ECM. No MSD or aftermarket modules. Must be mounted so it can be inspected at the track. If a module is in question the track has the right to exchange the module at the track. All coil packs must be stock Gm no MSD or other aftermarket packs.


We are not changing any of the existing rules as per line #53 only clarifying some of the issues and questions we have had. Please if you have any other questions please contact Marty Smith 1-618-560-9511 or Ron Hartnagel 1-618-920-5424 with the question and we will get you an answer. Please do not contact the track. Thank you.


Situations not covered in any of these rules will be handled at the discretion of the track officials as they arise.




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