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July 27, 2010 Fair Race Results

Michael Kloos

Mike Harrison

Brian Bielong

Bobby Funderburk


(July 27, 2010) Highland IL – Fair week is a busy week for the race track at Highland, getting the track ready to take on the horsepower produced by the competitors from the Late Models to the Factory Stocks is a big challenge on any given weekend, but working around all the activities that take place Fair Week, plus, throw in a midday downpour and the challenge becomes almost impossible. The track crew at the Highland Speedway arose to the occasion and groomed the track to handle all the horsepower any competitor had to offer and then some. It was the Madison County Fair UMP Race of Champions presented by Budweiser, and the Scott Wernle Memorial for the Extreme Sportsmen

The Late Models qualified in groups and than raced their heat races in their respective groups. Group one low qualifier, Brian Shirley in the 48, picked up the win in the first heat; Highland’s point leader Chad Zobrist placed second and with a very impressive run, the 22 of Dan Jacober was third.

Low qualifier in the second group was Rodney Melvin from Logan IL, but the 6K of the “Trenton Tornado” Michael Kloos took the point going into the first turn and held off Melvin and the 5S of Brandon Sheppard for the heat win.

UMP Summer Nationals Champion Jason Feger lead group three qualifying with former UMP National Champion Mark Faust qualifying second. While Feger lead from the start it was the battle for Faust as he had to get back to the front after getting shuffled back to the middle of the pack. Kevin Cole followed Feger across the stripe and Faust came back and salvaged a third place finish.

The Consi win went to the “Milk Man” Clay Bauman, second place was Mark Voigt, Dave Thornton, third, Justin Ketrow fourth and the 27S of Mike Schulte rounded out the top five.

From the drop of the green flag of the forty lap feature the race was dominated by Brian Shirley, with Feger, Kloos, Melvin and Zobrist all in tow behind the leader, at lap 13 the leaders caught up with the back of the field and lap traffic started to come into play.

The first caution came out at lap 16, letting the field catch up to Shirley. The field lined up single file, the leader Shirley, “The High Side Hustler” Jason Feger next, a lapped car in between Feger and Kloos, Rodney Melvin was next and Zobrist completed the top five.

At lap 24 Kloos made his way around Feger looking to head to the front when a caution on lap 25 for the 27S of Mike Schulte slowed the field. In a surprise to all after running in the top five for the race up till this point, the 27M of Rodney Melvin pulled off the track. The restart had Shirley still leading the field, Kloos running second, Feger, third, Zobrist, fourth and Mark Faust making his way into the top five.

Lap 33 the next caution was for the leader Shirley after leading the entire race something let go on the 48 and he retired to the infield. Kloos assumed the point on the restart with Feger, Zobrist. Faust and Dan Jacober in the 22 moving into the top five for the first time in the night.

At this point the race was anyone to win with Kloos taking to the bottom and the “High Side Hustler” living up to his nickname, and letting it hang out on the high side of the track. The two battled side by side and on the white flag lap Feger made a last ditch effort at Kloos coming to the double checkers Kloos hung on and won by a nose, Feger second. Zobrist, Faust, and Jacober made up the top five. It was one of Michael Kloos’s biggest and most impressive wins in his career.

Mike Harrison moved into a different zip code on his way to winning the Steve Schmitt UMP Modifieds at the Madison County UMP Race of Champions. His full straight away lead was impressive. With Harrison having the race in hand, the battle was for second as Brian Bielong, Dean Hoffman, and Chad Sellers waged war for second. When the dust settled Bielong came for a sixth pace starting spot to claim second, Dean Hoffman third, Heat winner Chad Sellers was next and Steve Lach completed the top five.

Emotions were running high for the Extreme Sportsmen class. The race was deemed the Scott Wernle Memorial for a man that was a father, brother, farmer, and a friend to many of the competitors in the Sportsmen class. Scott lost his life in a farming accident this past year and it was only fitting that this race in his honor was held during the Madison County Fair race.

The heat races set the stage for an exciting race of the areas finest drivers. Heat wins went to Gary Hanes, Dennis Wernle, (a great win at his brother’s memorial race), and Rick Johnson capturing the third heat win.

Brian Bielong doing double duty was in the Melton Family 441 and started on the pole. The battle up front had Bielong up against Robbie Eilers in the 1S, and Dennis Wernle keeping pressure on the front two in third. Bielong was in control for the majority of the race leading from the drop of the green flag. At the 18 lap mark a caution flag came out putting the field nose to tail for a green white checker. Robbie Eilers gave it one great shot on the last turn running towards the double checkers but Bielong closed the door and came home first, Eilers who had a similar situation several weeks back when he drove the 6 came home second, Dennis Wernle was third, Rob Lee in the Wonder Acres 88 was fourth and Gary Haynes filled out the top five.

In a grand gesture Brian Bielong gave the children of Scott Wernle the winning trophy.

With all the emotions from the Sportsmen class still present the Factory Stocks set off to do battle. Bobby Funderburk in the 97 lead the majority of the race and was battling Jordan Suhre in the 26, heading into turn two on the white flag lap Suhre got the 97 of Funderburk sideways, backing off and letting the young driver from Sandoval Il regroup, Suhre made one last charge but couldn’t beat Funderburk to the stripe. Suhre finished second, the 17R of Jacob Rexing was third, the 9X Trevor Isaak came home fourth and the X of Dale Bohnenstiehl was the top five finishers. In victory lane a very emotional Bobby Funderburk dedicated his win to his late father.

Highland Notes: There will be no racing this Saturday July 31. The next night of racing will be August 3 for Racing for a Cure, with $3000 dollars going to the winner of the Late Model Class. Modifieds, Sportsmen, Street Stocks and the Factory Stocks are also on the bill. For more information visit Facebook.com/2010 Racing for a Cause
August 7th regular racing resumes at the Speedway with the make up features from July 24 starting off the night. It will also be Top Less Night as the Late Models, Modifieds, and Sportsmen will be taking off their roofs for some exciting open air racing.

For More information from the Highland Speedway please visit the tracks website at Highland Speedway.com or become a friend of the track at FaceBook.com/highlandspeedway

Highland Speedway
Race Results for 7/27/2010

UMP Late Model – Heat 1
Finish Car No Driver
1 48X Brian Shirley
2 78 Chad Zobrist
3 22 Dan Jacober
4 31 Brent Helmkamp
5 77M Jason McBride
6 85 Justin Ketrow
7 33K Shannon Kuhn
8 77H Brandon Hogenson
9 25G Lenny Garson

UMP Late Model – Heat 2
Finish Car No Driver
1 6K Michael Kloos
2 27M Rodney Melvin
3 B5 Brandon Sheppard
4 28B John Beck
5 81 Paul Bailey
6 77B Clay Baumann
7 16H Mike Hammerlee
8 27S Mike Schulte
9 10 DJ Cygan

UMP Late Model – Heat 3
Finish Car No Driver
1 25F Jason Feger
2 3C Kevin Cole
3 51 Mark Faust
4 48 Tim Lance
5 33D Bobby Dauderman
6 30V Mark Voigt
7 441 Dave Thorton
8 5 John Lansford

UMP Late Model – Consi
Finish Car No Driver
1 77B Clay Baumann
2 30V Mark Voigt
3 441 Dave Thornton
4 85 Justin Ketrow
5 27S Mike Schulte
6 10 DJ Cygan
7 33K Shannon Kuhn
8 25G Lenny Garson
9 16H Mike Hammerlee
10 77H Brandon Hogenson
11 5 John Lansford DNS

UMP Late Model – Feature
Finish Car No Driver
1 6K Michael Kloos
2 25F Jason Feger
3 78 Chad Zobrist
4 51 Mark Faust
5 22 Dan Jacober
6 81 Paul Bailey
7 77M Jason McBride
8 77B Clay Baumann
9 48 Tim Lance
10 28B John Beck
11 31 Brent Helmkmap
12 48X Brian Shirley
13 27S Mike Schulte
14 30V Mark Voigt
15 27M Rodney Melvin
16 3C Kevin Cole
17 33D Bobby Dauderman
18 441 Dave Thornton
19 77H Brandon Sheppard
20 85 Justin Ketrow

Hard Charger Award
split between Clay Baumann and Paul Bailey

UMP Steve Schmitt Modified – Heat 1
Finish Car No Driver
1 24H Mike Harrison
2 241D Dean Hoffman
3 42 Steve Lach
4 3R Jeremy Thoele
5 84 Tyler Deibert
6 56 Ron Hartnagel
7 66S Tommy Sheppard

UMP Steve Schmitt Modified – Heat 2
Finish Car No Driver
1 E55 Chad Sellers
2 76 Scott Sugg
3 73 Brian Bielong
4 1D Mat Verbeck
5 25 Brett Korves
6 11 Adam Pate
7 1B Briana Sheppard

UMP Steve Schmitt Modified – Feature
Finish Car No Driver
1 24H Mike Harrison
2 73 Brian Bielong
3 241D Dean Hoffman
4 E55 Chad Sellers
5 42 Steve Lach
6 76 Scott Sugg
7 3R Jeremy Thoele
8 25 Brett Korves
9 66S Tommy Sheppard
10 56 Ron Hartnagel
11 241X Matt Verbeck
12 1B Briana Sheppard
13 84 Tyler Deibert
14 11 Adam Pate

Hard Charger award
241D Dean Hoffman

Extreme Series
UMP Sportsman – Heat 1
Finish Car No Driver
1 87 Gary Haynes
2 441 Brian Bielong
3 3 Ryan Eilers
4 25 Brett Korves
5 96 Matt Koch
6 99K Dustin Knerrer
7 8E Russell Eilers
8 112 Jason Davinroy

UMP Sportsman – Heat 2
Finish Car No Driver
1 23 Dennis Wernle
2 18 Jimmy Miller
3 19 Jimmy Cummins
4 88 Rob Lee
5 196 Jon Ripperda
6 23B Mark Bohnenstiehl
7 C16 Cory Brown
8 6 Allan Geiseking

UMP Sportsman – Heat 3
Finish Car No Driver
1 92J Rick Johnson
2 1 Robbie Eilers
3 36 Danny Ems
4 45 CJ Simpson
5 28J Bert Jacoby
6 55K Jason Keller
7 19P Mark Pfluger

UMP Sportsman – Feature
Finish Car No Driver
1 441 Brian Bielong
2 1 Robbie Eilers
3 23 Dennis Wernle
4 88 Rob Lee
5 87 Gary Haynes
6 19 Jimmy Cummins
7 8E Russell Eilers
8 92J Rick Johnson
9 25 Brett Korves
10 45 CJ Simpson
11 196 Jon Ripperda
12 36 Danny Ems
13 6 Allan Geiseking
14 19P Mark Pfluger
15 55K Jason Keller
16 28J Bert jacoby
17 C16 Cory Brown
18 23B Mark Bohnenstiehl
19 18 Jimmy Miller
20 96 Matt Koch
21 3 Ryan Eilers
22 112 Jason Davinroy DNS
23 99K Dustin Knerrer DNS

Hard Charger – 8E Russell Eilers
Hard Luck – 3 Ryan Eilers

UMP Factory Stock – Heat 1
Finish Car No Driver
1 26 Jordan Suhre
2 4 Justin Suhre
3 17R Jacob Rexing
4 50 Josh James
5 29H Cale Hartnagel
6 6S Shae Gagne
7 6 Austin Isaak

UMP Factory Stock – Heat 2
Finish Car No Driver
1 97 Bobby Funderburk
2 9T Travis Horner
3 9X Trevor Isaak
4 X Dale Bohnenstiehl
5 91 Randy Horner
6 33 Caleb Lintezenich

UMP Factory Stock – Feature
Finish Car No Driver
1 97 Bobby Funderburk
2 26 Jordan Suhre
3 17R Jacob Rexing
4 9X Trevor Isaak
5 X Dale Bohnenstiehl
6 4 Justin Suhre
7 6 Austin Isaak
8 50 Josh James
9 9T Travis Horner
10 29H Cale Hartnagel
11 91 Randy Horner
12 33L Caleb Lintezenich
13 6S Shae Gagne

Hard Charger – 6 Austin Isaak
Hard Luck – 6S Shea Gagne

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