Passing Point System

Passing Points will be used to determine A-Main and B-Main(if necessary) lineups.

Below is the passing point system that will be used. Standard pill draw will be used to determine heat race lineups.

Note: Passing points are determined from the original heat race lineups posted. Passing points are NOT awarded (only Finish Position Points are awarded) to any driver who voluntarily elects to start on the tail of their heat instead of their original drawn starting position. In the event that two or more cars finish with a tie in qualifying passing points, the tie will be broken by the driver who earned the points first.


1. 100pts
2. 93pts
3. 86pts
4. 79pts
5. 72pts
6. 65pts
7. 58pts
8. 51pts
9. 44pts
10. 37pts

Passing Points Scale

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