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Contact Us

Track Office Phone: (618) 654-6656

Director of Competition: Tom Egbert  – (618) 691-7681

Track Manager: Susan Zobrist (618) 644-5441 – email: highlandspeedway@hometel.com 

Sponsor Coordinator: Donna Zobrist (618) 520-5006

Race Committee:   Tom Egbert (Chairman)Gene Cox, Ron Hartnagel, Donna Zobrist, Aaron Kleine, Scott Kuhn, Susan Zobrist, Tyler Kathmann

Tech Committee: Tyler Deibert, Ron Hartnagel, Scott Kuhn, Aaron Kleine, Tom Egbert & Marty Smith, Sr.

Highland Speedway
Street Address:
2020 Park St, Highland, IL 62249
Mailing Address: PO Box 541, Highland, IL  62249

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  1. are you guys running next saturday the 31st