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July 6, 2004 (UMP Summer Nationals) Results

By Terry Young
Shannon Babb of Mowequa, Illinois claimed the $6,000.00 paycheck on the 2004 UMP Summer Nationals Tour event #16 as the traveling crew visited the HIGHLAND Speedway on Tuesday night.

Babb driving the CAR CITY, Arkansas Motors, Watters Autoland, Hoosier by Smash, Oval Craft, Petersen Fluid Systems, Wick Racing, J&J Steel, Bert Transmission, Weld Wheels, Jay Dickens powered C.J. Rayburn Race Cars #18
led all 40 laps of the A-Main to earn the top honors. Following Babb to the stripe was Randy Korte, Summer Nationals iron man Don O’Neal, Steve Sheppeard, Jr. in his best summer nationals performance to date and Billy Faust. Rounding out the field were Rodney Melvin, Frankie Martin, Dennis Erb, Mark Faust, Eric Smith, Matt Taylor and Chris Carlson. DNF’s were Clay Baumann, Chad Zobrist, Ed Dixon, Terry English, Mark Voigt, Kevin Weaver, Don Hammer, Justin Allgaier and Rohn Moon.

Korte started the night off in front of his hometown crowd by touring the track with a time of 13.767 to record fast time.

The dash was topped by Korte in a show of power, coming from a sixth place starting berth to overtake Babb in the closing laps for the win. Following the duo were Eric Smith, Steve Sheppard, Jr., Don O’Neal, Frankie Martin, Tery English, Rodney Melvin and Ed Dixon.

The first heat was won by Billy Faust over Chad Zobrist, Terry English, Clay Baumann, Jim Morrison and Mark Gansmann.

The second heat was won by Mark Voigt over Rodney Melvin, Matt Taylor, Justin Allgaier and Rohn Moon.

The third heat was captured by Dennis Erb over Ed Dixon, Kevin Weaver, Tom Carson, Rick Salter and Dan Connoyer.

The nights only controversy came by virtue of the fourth heat when Don Hammer was leading the event and contact was made to his rearend from the nose of Nextel Cup veteran Ken Schrader. Officials deemed a ruling that seen Hammer retake his position at the point and Schrader relegated to the rear of the race for the restart. Many questioned the verdict made against Schrader, but those who looked at the track photographers digital proof left agreeing the correct call was made. After the restart Schrader would finish fifth in his heat and find himself consi-bound. Hammer went on to win the heat followed by Mark Faust, Chris Carlson and Rick Standridge.

The first of two consi races to transfer only the winner to the A-Main was won by Baumann over Gansmann, Morrison and Carson.

The second consi went to Allgaier over Rohn Moon. Schrader who was scheduled to run the second consi loaded after the heat race and did not start the consi.

Moon was added to the event as a UMP Summer Nationals provisional.

The UMP Summer Nationals will roll on to the beautiful SPOON RIVER SPEEDWAY for tonights continuation of the UMP Summer Nationals and Event #17. The track can be reached by calling (309) 668-2735 or (309) 668-2622 or by visiting them on the web at WWW.SPOONRIVERSPEEDWAY.COM.

The UMP Summer Nationals are proudly sponsored by Hoosier Tire Midwest, Hoosier Racing Tires, Intercomp Scales, C.J. Rayburn Race Cars and Bert Transmissions. 

UMP Late Models – 34 Entries
1. Randy Korte – 13.767
2. Steve Sheppard – 13.883
3. Shannon Babb – 13.893
4. Don O’Neal – 13.898
5. Terry English – 13. 902
6. Eric Smith – 13.976

1. Randy Korte(00)
2. Shannon Babb(18)
3. Eric Smith(9)
4. Steve Sheppard(5s)
5. Don O’Neal(71)
6. Frankie Martin(25)
7. Terry English(96)
8. Rodney Melvin(27)
9. Ed Dixon(50)(DNF)

Heat 1: Billy Faust(26), Chad Zobrist(78), Terry English(96), Clay Baumann(77), Jim Morrison(85), Mark Gansmann(20), Brent Helmkamp(31)

Heat 2: Mark Voigt(30), Rodney Melvin(27), Matt Taylor(3L), Justin Allgaier(1a), Rohn Moon(56), Randy Bingham(b1), Michael Kloos(6)(DNF)

Heat 3: Dennis Erb(28), Ed Dixon(50), Tom Carson(30), Rick Salter(1s), Dan Jacober(22), John Paule(22)

Heat 4: Don Hammer(45), Mark Faust(51), Chris Carlson(c12), Rick Standridge(12), Ken Schrader(99), Jeff Sloan(4)(DNF)

Semi 1: Baumann, Gansman, Morrison, Carson, Helmkamp, Jacober(DNF), Paule(DNF), Salter(DNF)

Semi 2: Allgaier, Moon, Bingham, Sloan, Standridge(DNF)

1. Babb(2)
2. Korte(1)
3. O’Neal(5)
4. Sheppard(4)
5. B. Faust(7)
6. Melvin(12)
7. Martin(6)
8. Erb(9)
9. M. Faust(14)
10. Smith(3)
11. Taylor(16)
12. Carlson(18)
13. Baumann(19)(DNF)
14. Zobrist(11)(DNF)
15. Dixon(13)(DNF)
16. English(15)(DNF)
17. Voigt(8)(DNF)
18. Weaver(17)(DNF)
19. Hammer(10)(DNF)
20. Allgaier(20)(DNF)
21. Moon(21)(DNF)

UMP Modifieds – 31 cars

Fast Time – Mike Harrison

Heat 1: Mike Harrison(24), Mark Clary(94), Marty Smith Jr., Dean Hoffman(1d), Dave Thornton(56), Jeff Labaube(29), Bob Geaschel(4), Blake Bohnenstiehl(39b)

Heat 2: Kent Schoeck(31),Tom Seets Jr(16), Dean Vickers(d7), Chris Smith(5), Matt Goulden(11g), Matt Weidner(18), Dan Walters(13d), Brent Mullins(41m)

Heat 3: Rayn Driemeyer(66m), Tim Hancock(44), Bobby Martintoni(48), Jeff Watts(1), Dave McDougal(97),Bobby Newberry(20n), Jason Brown(73), Matt Koch(22)

Heat 4: Scott Weber(4j), Jeff Leka(3L), Bobby Bittle(89), Roger Fohne(29), Matt Verbeck(17), Ted KLaus(95), Eric Goetter(76)

Dash: Harrison, Weber, Schoeck, Driemeyer, Seets, Leka, Clary, Hancock

Semi 1: Thornton, Newberry, Labaube, McDougal, Koch, Greaschel, Brown, Bohnenstiehl

Semi 2: Goulden, Verbeck, Wiedner, Klaus, Mullins, Goetter, Walters

1. 4J Scott Weber
2. E3L Jeff Leka
3. 24 Mike Harrison
4. 66M Ryan Driemeyer
5. 31 Kent Schoeck
6. 55 Marty Smith, Jr
7. 1D Dean Hoffman
8. 48 Bobby Martintoni
9. D7 Dean Vickers
10. 29 Roger Fohne
11. 44 Tim Hancock
12. 5 Chris Smith
13. 94C Mark Clary
14. 89 Bobby Bittle
15. 56 Dave Thornton
16. 11G Matt Goulden
17. 1 Jeff Watts
18. 16 Tommie Seets, Jr


Heat 1
1. 441 Dave Thornton
2. 88 Steve Stevenson
3. 2H Mike Harrison
4. 15 Jason Bohnenstiehl

Heat 2
1. Aaron Kleine
2. W1 Marty Kopp
3. 23B Mark Bohnenstiehl
4. 28 Butch Kruckberg

1. 2 Aaron Kleine
2. 441 Dave Thornton
3. W1 Marty Kopp
4. 2H Mike Harrison

1. 2 Aaron Kleine
2. 441 Dave Thornton
3. 15 Jason Bohnenstiehl
4. 2H Mike Harrison
5. W1 Marty Kopp
6. 88 Steve Stevenson
7. 19 Jimmy Cummins
8. 28 Butch Kruckberg
9. 23B Mark Bohnenstiehl
10. 57 Randy Hanks
11. 22 Jeff Woltering
12. 27E Tory Ernst

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